The Portfolio Shoot Day – TGD Makeovers!

Hello My People !  What's up with y'all ? So as you guys know we did a really cool Bridal Shoot recently, and I'm sure you must have seen a few pictures on the Instagram Profile too.  How about If I give you more details on it ?  Starting from the search of models to … Continue reading The Portfolio Shoot Day – TGD Makeovers!



Hello There ! What's up with y'all ? Off Seasons are my favourite ! They give me a lot of time to pamper myself. Talking about all the pampering, My skin tends to get the most of the attention.  I don't really like a lot of chemicals over my face and I prefer herbal, natural … Continue reading OLIVIA COSMETICS – PRODUCT REVIEW !

Unicorn Queen Cosmetics – Collaboration!

Hello There ! How are Y'all Doing ? Well If you didn't really had a good day, I'm sure this news is gonna make your day ! 😀 Yess ! Ive been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for Unicorn Queen Cosmetics Unicorn Queen Cosmetics is an official distributor of top makeup brands around the world. … Continue reading Unicorn Queen Cosmetics – Collaboration!


Hello There ! So I'm finally back from the much-needed vacation and now let's get back to some work 😀 So I recently received a Perfume Selfie Box by Perfume Booth " No Elegance Is Possible Without Perfume. It Is Unseen, Unforgettable, Ultimate Accessory " - Coco Chanel The Brand has around six editions that … Continue reading PERFUME BOOTH SELFIE LURVE EDITION – REVIEW


Hello There ! How is the day treating you so far? Face sheet masks has been gaining a lot of attractions lately and its also a lazy girls best facial treatment ! Its kind of a trend now. Sheet masks, if you havn't yet come around, are basically face shaped sheet fabrics soaked in some … Continue reading MOND’SUB FACIAL MASKS – A STEP TOWARDS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN !

Cartoon Eyeliner / The Glitter Wing

Hello Fellas !How are y'all doing?We are all familiar with the cartoon eyeliner which is all over the social media these days aren't we?So I thought of giving it a try but with a twist ! It is basically a winged eyeliner but with a color along with black.Instead of adding a color, I've used … Continue reading Cartoon Eyeliner / The Glitter Wing