Beauty Myths Busted – Part ΙΙ

Hola Y’all !!

There are so many Beauty Myths we come across almost everyday! But aren’t we all confused about which ones to believe in and which ones to really follow?

Yess ! I know the struggle ! But don’t you worry, I’ve got your back ! 🙋

Get rid of all those Beauty Rumours and look your best at all times 🌸

P.S. I’ve curated a list of all the common beauty myths in part one, hit on the link to reassess those as well.

Beauty Myths Busted – Part 1

  • Choose skin care products according to your age :

We know so many products that claim to be for a specific age group, specially women above 50 or so who may now have mature skin. Know that age is not a skin type ! Women at 50 can have same skin concerns as women aged 30. Skin problems like dry dull looking skin, oily skin, clogged pores could also occur at the age of 20 and they don’t automatically vanish at the age of 50. It’s the most common myth people believe in.

  • Usage of Petroleum Jelly to grow eye lashes :

I’ve come across many women who use petroleum jelly or related products to grow their lashes. Let me tell you, it doesnt work ! Some of us are really fortunate to have those thick and long lashes while some are not. Of course there are products available in market that give your lashes an illusion effect, making them look longer but petroleum jellies or any such related products must be rather avoided as they may clog in the inner rim of your eye causing major complicated allergies.

  • Placing your cosmetic products into the Refrigerator to keep them fresh :

Keeping those cosmetics into the fridge thinking it shall increase the product’s longevity is an utter myth !

It rather turns the product rancid. Beauty products must not be kept in a place where the temperature isn’t constant.

  • Tooth Paste is great for treating skin breakouts :

This is the most common myth we’ve all come across and also tried isn’t it ? (Don’t you worry I have too 😄 )

Toothpastes contain products such as baking powder, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, menthol and triclosan which would dry up your skin. They also contain irritants that can cause serious harm to your skin, so it rather needs to be avoided and opt for some acne control creams or visit a dermatologist for better options.

  • Dry skin causes wrinkles :

Wrinkles occur when collagen starts to break down far below the outer layer of the skin, Any type of skin doesn’t really support wrinkles. Usage of moisturizers that contain retiniods, antioxidants may help, also sunscreen.

  • If a product burns your skin, It’s working :

God No! Do not ever believe in this. If your skin is burning, you must wash off the product immediately! Your skin is being irritated and can cause you serious concerns and allergies.

  • Test your foundation on your wrist :

This is another common myth I’ve seen people fall into. You must always check your foundation on your Forehead or Jaw line, that’s where you’ll find the exact shade foundation for yourself. Never believe in the tests done on your wrist, it isn’t going to be your perfect match. When I take up my Personal Grooming Sessions, I always ask them where and how do they test and 70 out of 100 people always check on their wrists and end up buying a wrong shade.

  • CoCoa Butter and Olive oil can get rid of stretch marks :

Stretch marks reside in a different layer of skin, one so deep that these products cannot penetrate into.

Though I believe stretch marks are quite beautiful and I personally love them.

Anyway !

So these are another set of beauty Myths you need to get clear about right away !

Tell me what are other myths you have come across, in the comments below!!

Also, tell me what do you want me to Blog about next? 🤔

Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo




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