April Fab Bag Is Here !!

Hello Loves !!

The subscription to my Fab Bag ends this month, Thinking of extending the subscription to another three months what do you guys think? or Do you want me to subscribe to another brand to see more variations? Let me know !!

So the April Fab Bag is here and this is how it Looks;

Consists Of :

Sugar As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact for My Skintone in Latte

(P.S. There are Two more shades available, you get to select according to your skintone)

Full Size for 699/-

Sand For Soapaholics Heavenly Dew Bathing Soap

100 gms for 275/-

Ayorama Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliater

100 gms for 499/-

Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub

105 gms for 1045/-

Now as I tried out all the Products, I must tell you that the Sugar compact has to be the best, It pretty much works well enough if you select the right shade for your skin, Definelty light wight and perfectly camoflages if used upon your concealer.

The Soap smells really good.

The Ayorama Exfoliator worked really well for my skin, it did give me a soft texture and glow, You must give it a try. The smell was also good.

The Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub was really harsh for my skin, maybe because my skin is very much sensitive, I had a redness all over my T zone and I had to settle it down with Ice. I didn’t really had a great experience with this one.

So This was the review for April Fab Bag !! Over all it was really great subscribing to the Fab Bag, I recieved a lot of amazing products and I definelty recommend you to subscribe to The Fab Bag !!

Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo



4 thoughts on “April Fab Bag Is Here !!

  1. Hi,
    Nice review. 🙂 :* I did find April Fab Bag average. Sugar compact was definitely the star product of this month’s bag. Try Glamego Box or Globox or Voilet Box. They are really good.

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