Mermaid Vibes – Creative Series !!

Hola Y’all !!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve wanted to do The Mermaid Look and I finally stopped acting sluggish πŸ˜€ And here’s how it turned out to be;


Okay I know the fish scales aren’t really prominent but still a try though!

Products Used :

@makeuprevolution Ultra Face Base Foundation.
@maccosmetics Studio Fix.
@lagirlcosmetics Pro Conceal HD.
@nyxcosmetics Ombre Blush #nudetome
@maccosmetics Loose Pigments #vanillaΒ #goldenolive
@pac Lashes #213
@bharatanddorris Lip Gloss 118.


Adding up these shiny drop shaped studs just so that they go with the theme pretty well, Ha-Ha!

So put down your thoughts on this Look and tell me what do you want me to do next??

Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo



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