Beauty Resolutions 2017 !!

Hello There!

How’s the Day treating you so far?

Of course you guys did take some resolutions for the year didn’t you? 😀

I don’t really take any resolutions generally but I definitely had to take some Beauty Resolutions to get my routine back on track and also keep a check on which area needs to be improved.

So here’s a list of all the Beauty Resolutions that I’ve taken for the year;

  1. First of all, taking my Makeup off every night: Now this is a real important thing to do! But trust me I’m a lazy bum when it comes to cleaning up, of course many of us are (I know you’re smiling):D on a serious note, it really damages our skin giving us all the breakouts and skin allergies. So yeah make it your priority no matter how much you hate it!
  2. Moisturize: Make sure you don’t miss on your moisturizer (as per skin type) day and night! Also, the skin around your eyes is thin and more prone to dryness so make sure to address these minor things and go around in circular motion to improve skin elasticity.
  3. Focusing on the inner beauty: I’ve promised myself to have more water so that my skin doesn’t dehydrate along with right eating patterns. The inner glow is what I am talking about here, and for that I need to follow a healthy diet and some exercising (I can literally feel you, but exercising is equally important).
  4. Cleaning the Makeup Brushes: Now you’re all going to agree this is the most boring job to do! Yet vital to get them cleaned. These brushes have more bacteria then one could think of moreover, experts would suggest us to clean our brushes once every month.
  5. Pamper yourself: Lastly, keep in mind to pamper yourself once every month, get your nails done a good manicure pedicures, take care of facials and skin cleansing along with your monthly parlor routines.


So these are some easy to follow resolutions that I’ve taken up and trying to maintain them for now, let see how long can I actually follow them 😀

Comment below and tell me what more could I add to my resolutions, and also write about your beauty resolutions in the comment section below!!


Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo



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