Journey To Being A Blogger !!

Hey Guys!!

I have to tell you something!!

My Blog Turns 10 Months Old!! Yayy!!

Looking back to the Day I started blogging, I literally didn’t even know how to operate word press well enough. I didn’t know how I was going to cut the muster, all I had in my mind was that I wanted to be a blogger and work hard to be known as one.

I started this journey to share my perspectives about Beauty & Makeup with the world out there! With anxiety as well as excitement, I posted my first ever blog and then a few more. I was overwhelmed with all the appreciation, support and love that I was showered with. You guys have played a major role in my journey! I couldn’t Thank You Guys enough!!

I exactly remember the day I was planning to start blogging to now, 10 months of blogging literally feels like im over the moon. It has indeed been a great Journey.

Yess, There has been days when I felt all demotivated and even lazy, but that’s all normal and part of our human nature isn’t it? One thing that’s always kept me inspiring and motivated is the Passion to Blogging, To Makeup & Beauty. Also the never-ending support from you guys! Thank You So Much!!

What I’ve learned throughout the Journey is that, No matter what, Don’t stop doing what you love to do, Have the passion and take the action, that’s when the Magic happens. Stay Patient and Trust your Journey and Success will be Yours!

10 Months & Still Counting!!! ❤

Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful!!

Much Love, xoxo


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