2016 Beauty Round Up !!

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Wish You Guys a Very Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t been able to blog lately due to the makeup bookings that I had for this wedding season and the vacation that I had after work has been keeping me all busy, lazy and relaxed! But now we are going to be more regular and back on track I promise! 😀

Talking about 2016, the year has been a very fast-moving. The best part? It’s been full of various new product launches, new makeup, beauty techniques, from strobing, baking, metallic lips to all the glitter drama and pizzazz!

Taking a look back to all the trends and launches that we’ve had in 2016.

About the Trends:

Non-Touring has gained a lot of love and awe, while contouring was like the most important part of the makeup, non-touring instantly changed the fact. People went from contour to no contour within no time. Non-touring is a mix of contouring and strobing, which rather gives a very natural and soft look rather than showing off the harsh contour lines.


Strobing, on the other hand is basically highlighting, with using more of your highlighter, giving a dewy, shimmery and a youthful glow that diminished the need of contouring, again giving more of a natural look.


Metallic Makeup/ Lips, another trend that has been an awestruck. Those old metallic lipsticks that we had stopped using were taken out from the stash and were back in use! Also, there was use of metallic shadows and pigments to get that edgy metallic glam.


Face Baking or sand bagging was bought to the industry which was nothing but the use of loose powder to get more defined and sharper look.


Rainbow Hair was another bold hair color trend brought by self-proclaimed hair activist Guy Tang, giving a drastic change to those pastel hair colors into bright rainbow colors. Because bold is beautiful!


Glitter Tears, this trend came from the New York fashion week and people literally went gaga over the glitter tears. It’s basically light dusting, statement making stack of sparkle, under the eyes to hide the dark circles with the glitter using moisturizer to make them stick.




Gloss over, it’s a sticky new makeup trend that you have to smear all over your face, which is patting a thin layer of Vaseline over the cheekbones and lids and under the eyes and lips.


And Lastly, Colored Lashes which was, mixing up a bright lash hue like blue, yellow etc to compliment the eyeliner or even wear it alone, which makes you, look 20% cooler and quirky.


Talking about the Products that launched in 2016;

  • The Ariana Grande/ Mac Collaboration


  • Mac Vamplify Lip Glosses


  • Maybelline New York Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara


  • Kylie Jenner’s New Products


  • Wet & Wild Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara


  • Color pop Eye shadows


  • Maybelline New York Colorblur by Lip Studio


  • Beauty blender Blotterazzi

Blotting beauty blender.jpg

And so much more !!!

So This was a summary to all the new products and trends that were launched in 2016! Can’t wait to explore all the new one’s coming this year!!

Comment below and tell me which one’s where your favourites!!

Until Next;

Stay Tuned;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo


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