Honest Reviews? Choose PikReview !

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Today we’re talking about Pikreview. Now I know, everytime we want to check for / try out new products, we want to ensure best of both words before investing into it and why not, some of these beauty products costs an arm and a leg, and it’s much important to know whether it is worth the hype or not!

PikReview is an online product discovery and review sharing platform, Where you got to login and go through the visual reviews of real products, which makes it efforetless for you to get to the product you are looking for, check the reviews and you can hit buy to place an online order, It takes you to the site where your product is available. Isn’t that Impressive? 


You are also given the authority to speak for the particular product and give your own reviews too! So this is how you get the genuine reviews, positives and negatives of a particular brand and products and therefore makes it easy for buyers.

Pikreview is a great platform to find hundreds of reviews from the bloggers, actual customers/buyers who aren’t parti pris to a particular product or brand and you know what product you should opt for and what isn’t really worth your bucks.

Consists of reviews from Accessories to clothing, Beauty care to cosmetics, Electronics to footwear, Home & Furniture, Toys and so much more! It’s like another way of saving your money from unwanted and unworthy material.

This was just about the reviews, Talking about other benefits, PikReview gets you to the Diy posts from bloggers and keeps you updated with the remedies, beauty care and so much more.  Total package of Happiness isn’t it?!

To add up your Reviews, All you need to do is Sign up to PikReview.com and put up a small review with the description mentioned for the product that you’ve bought online along with the link, attached with the pictures of your product.

If you wish to link your Instagram reviews with PikReview, Use their
hashtags #pikReview and tag @pikReview_official and proceed to upload.

You can also add your Blog link and other social links in your reviews, now the bonus is that everytime somebody clicks on “check this item” it links it to your Blog post/page which is also getting you more views and you cannot miss that!! 😀

PikReview is on Instagram & Facebook and recently they have also started up a Whatsapp group with PikReview Bloggers, to help the PikReview community connect ask for suggestions, advice and help each other grow organically.

I think it’s a great platform and you must join in for the Reviews and other various benefits that PikReview has to offer. If you are already a part of it, Give us a penny for your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Honest Reviews? Choose PikReview !

  1. It is a great platform indeed! I love your description on it.
    I think they are doing a very good job connecting everyone. They have also started their another account called pikreview_blogger on instagram where they featured a blogger every week.
    This week I have taken over their account 😛 😛 so please do check it out 🙂 🙂

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