DoDo Lashes – Product Review

So I recently received these Eye Lashes from Dodo Lashes and I found them really amazing and thought of sharing the reviews with you and also I have great news for you so make sure to read till the end! 😀




100% Handmade Mink Lashes.

Hand crafted Cotton Brand.

Length – 10-15 mm

Price – $5

The prices are reasonable because these lashes come from the factory source and they’re handmade and cruelty free, are sourced from naturally shed mink fur that’s 100% sterilized before use; says the Brand.

The bands of these lashes are thicker which is why they last longer and sparse which is why it gives a very natural and subtle look rather than making it obvious.

It’s light-weight and doesn’t feel heavy, while giving me some pretty volume and a length.



Final Thoughts:

I totally recommend them as they are one, light-weight.

Two, super cheap and looks beautifully natural and I could add up to my daily routine as well.

Also, the best part is that the shipping too is quick.

So grab them right away!!

And now, the Good News is that you can avail a discount of a full 5% on your buy using my discount code “Thatwingedeyeblogger” Yayayyy! Who doesn’t love discounts?! Ha-Ha!

What are you waiting for? Go and check them now!!

I’ve used them for my first YouTube Tutorial, Oh well I’m on YouTube Finally !! :* Thanks to youu Guys for all the Support, this couldn’t have been possible without you Loves!! Make sure to Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel and show some more love out there!!


Here’s the link;


Other Links:

Dodo Lashes

Instagram : @dodolashes

Facebook : Dodo Lashes

Rating – 5/5


Until Next;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo



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