Favorite Products You’ll Always Repurchase!

Hola Loves!

Of course, You’ll always find me running after various makeup brands and since i have a makeup job 24×7 i am also supposed to be updated with new and great products. But, there are some products I’m way loyal to! The one’s that are my favourite and I keep on repurchasing them all the time. Today, I’m sharing those products with you and I’m sure you’ll love them and they will be noted in your makeup repurchase lists too!

You know what the bonus is? These are Budget Friendly too!

So let’s have a look at the list;

  • Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25 : Looking for a foundation which is absolutely light-weight and also budget friendly? This one’s the right thing for you! I always end up repurchasing this one specially because one, its matte, second its very natural and wont make my skin look layered and caked. It doesnt make my base look too much and is just as great as it should be. It’s got a mousse like texture. Shades available.

  • Mac mineralized Blush – New Romance : Now if you’ve read through all my tutorials, you must have read this blush in my product breakdowns. This totaly is my go to blush and i use it for most of my looks. Its got a hint of peach and a gorgeous pearl sheen, with a rich pigmentation. I just love the highlight that it gives to my cheeks. Shades available. definitely a must have!

  • Nyx Eye shadow HS03 Starstruck Admirateur : It’s a subtle pearly mauve-pink shadow, very natural to carry and best for your everyday makeup routine!

  • Bharat & Dorris Cream Blush No- 01 :  It’s a very natural pink shade cream blush, light-weight and water resistant. Has a smooth texture which blends really well. Gives a very fresh look.

  • Lakme eyeconic Mascara : Smart curl Brush with intense black finish.

  • Sugar Eye told you so eyeliner (black) : Super easy to apply, Gives a silky matte finish and doesnt smudge or peel off.

  • Incolor Lovers Rouge Crayon Lipstick : It’s a twister lipstick with so many shades available, 2 in 1 moisture and color lipstick. Smooth, easy to apply and it’s got a decent pigmentation.

    So tell me which ones are you using and what is your say on these products?

    Until Next;

    Stay Beautiful;

    Much Love, xoxo



    8 thoughts on “Favorite Products You’ll Always Repurchase!

    1. Where can I shop incolor lipsticks in Mumbai? What’s the price range? I have seen lot of makeup artists using incolor products. Which other products would you recommend from this brand? πŸ™‚

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