The Last Minute Diwali Look!! 

Hola Loves!!

So as you guys know, I did a Recreation look by Sonam Kapoor, I turned the same look into my Diwali Look 2 and I’ll tell you how;

Well if you havn’t seen the recreation look yet you can check here.

All I did was, I took off the edgy ‘v’ that was on my eyes for the recreation look. Smudged the left over shadow which was Tease from Naked 2 palette and repeated some more Nyx HS 03 shadow. I took my Black Eye pencil From Faces and used it as an eyeliner, also on my lower lash line and smudged them both. Added some brown shadow just a little, on the liner area and lower lash. Done!!

Do my eyes remind you of someone?

Yes! I did Eyes inspired by Anushka Sharma from ADHM!! 💁✨

All I did was just a little change in my eye makeup and I was ready with yet another look that could be your last minute quick look for Diwali if you wish to keep it subtle and neutral !!

What’s your say on this one guys??

Comment Below!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful;

Much Love, xoxo



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