5 Easy Everyday Hairstyles !!

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Hope y’all are doing Great!!

Most of the times I leave my hair open, majority of us do. We obviously don’t have a lot of time to do our hair so Today, I’m sharing some quick and easy DIY Hairstyles that wouldn’t take much for your time and would make you look a total stunner as well !!

  • Milkmaid Braid :


Separate hair into two sections. Comb through to make sure it is free of tangles. Braid one section of hair and secure with elastic. Repeat to other side. Secure with elastic. You now have two braided sections. Bring one section up over head and pin to the other side with bobby pin. Repeat with other section. Try to hide elastic by tucking them under the hair and securing with bobby pin. And tadaa! Your Milkmaid Braid is ready!!

  • Hair Bow :


Begin by taking one small section of hair from each side of your head. Bigger the section, bigger the bow. Tie two sections together with elastic to create a half ponytail. Don’t pull the ends through the elastic the last time you wrap it to create a loop. Split the loop in half to create two smaller loops and clip one loop aside for later. Use your fingers to spread out the loop and push it flat against your head into a bow shape. Insert one bobby pin going from top to bottom and one going from bottom to top. Repeat on the other side to finish the bow shape. Wrap the remaining ends of the ponytail around the elastic to hide it. Secure it with bobby pins underneath.

  • The Sectional Bow :


Pull around one inch section from both sides. Pull sections back and cross them. Tie a bow and pull tightly and finally secure it with bobby pins.

  • 4 Strand Braid :


Take about a three inch section from the front of your hair and separate into four pieces. Starting with the side closest to your face, cross the outermost strand over the section next to it then under the next piece. Starting from the other side, cross the outermost strand under the section next to it then over the next piece.

  • Cotton Candy Bun Tutorial :


Bring your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, combing down and smoothing the hair around your head to create a tight, smooth base for your bun. Secure tightly with elastic. Fan out the ponytail around the base, and spray generously with hairspray. Give the hairspray a few seconds to dry, then lift the ponytail above your head and begin teasing from the back, working your way forward. Very gently wrap one section of hair around your pony tail and secure with one or two bobby pins. Repeat with the remaining section of hair and secure.

  • The Headband Braid :


Clip up a section on one side parallel with the arch of your eyebrow, and separate a 2×2” section just behind the top of ear. Loosely braid the section, keeping the braid loose for length. Free top section and wrap the braid around to the other side, Positioning to your preference. Use one or two bobby pins to secure braid behind ear. To create extra volume at the crown, gently tease and smooth with a bristle brush and Voila!

  • Half Up Fish Tail :


Starting with a side part, separate a section of hair on the left side from the part down to the ear. Create a similar section on the right side. Then take both pieces and bring them towards the back of the head. Tie the pieces together with a clear elastic band. Begin a fishtail braid by dividing the hair into two halves. Take a small piece from one side, cross it over the top and add it to the other. Now take a small piece from the opposite side, crossing it over the top and adding it into the other. Continue braiding until all the hair is braided. Tie off the end with a clear elastic. Loosen the braid by gently pulling on the sides. Carefully snip off the top elastic band. Slide a hair pin underneath the top of the braid if it becomes too loose. Finish with a little hairspray and pulling out a few face framing strands.

Taadaa!! So these are some quick, easy-peasy and wondrous looking DIY Hairdo’s that we definitely need to give a go to!! I totally can’t wait to try them out! Pssst.. Make sure to try them and share your pictures with me too!!

Source: Google 

Hope you have a Great Hair Day !!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful !!

Much Love, xoxo




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