Perfect Smile with HiSmile

 A Smile Is A Prettiest Thing To Wear

We all love those bright-white, pearly looking teeth don’t we? Yess! And HiSmile makes sure to fulfill our wishes! It’s Peroxide free and instead uses Sodium Bicarbonate to gently remove superficial stains from teeth which means it won’t damage our tooth enamel, especially for the ones with sensitive teeth. It is formulated to gently whiten both inner and outer teeth stains. The gel that it consists of is designed to optimize all of its whitening effect within 10 minutes only! Can you imagine that?! In addition to that, they have this LED LIGHT that breaks down its bleaching radical even more quickly which gives you a really effective result in first use itself. The kit has clinically proven to achieve up to 8 shades whiter in only 6 applications – says the Brand.

Incorporated with:

  • 3x HiSmile Gels
  • Result Guide
  • Mouth Tray
  • Instruction Manual

The Packaging is very much handy and portable which means you can achieve pearly white teeth anytime, anywhere!


Dispense 1/4th of a syringe (gel) into each side of the mouth tray. Then insert the tray into the LED LIGHT, place the tray into your mouth and keep it for 10 minutes. Priced at $79.99

Other Products Offered:

  • Teeth Whitening Gels (Refill pack) – $39.99
  • Coconut Whitening Mouth Wash – $39.99
  • LED LIGHT and Mouth Tray – $59.99
  • Teeth Whitening Pen – $34.99



Overall it’s Definitely Recommended and is a Must-Buy!


Disclaimer: Product samples are sent by the Brand. Honest Reviews.

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful and Keep Smiling brighter with HiSmile !!

Much Love, xoxo



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