Beauty Q and A Answers !! 

Hello Hello Hello Loves !!

Firstly Thank you for all the overwhelming Love that you’ve showed!! Totally grateful!! Also, Thank you for all your questions, I’m sorry I couldn’t put up the Answers yesterday but anyway here are your questions and their answers!! 

  • How to apply a less coverage giving foundation without getting it patchy?

Answer : You should probably use a moisturizer or primer first and as it settles, use your foundation where you need the most and that is under eye circles and on/around any pores that you may have, blend well using a buffing brush rather than fingers (using fingers to do your foundation generally makes it patchy). Settle your look using your favorite compact and you’re all set to go.

  • Favorite drugstore brand?

Answer : NYX cosmetics !!

  • Compact or translucent powder?

Answer : Compact is way better than translucent powder, along with the fact that its easy to carry and use, it also settles best while translucent powder is great for face baking.

  • How often do you wash your Makeup Brushes?

Answer : After every 4-5 Makeup Looks because my skin is super sensitive and I get red spots if not using a clean brush so I need to wash my brushes really often.

  • Best thing to do for a clear skin?

Answer : Drink lots and lots of water and water based foods!

  • Best Gel eyeliners?

Answer : Bobbi Brown, Maybelline gel eyeliner and Mac

  • Why always a winged eyeliner?

Answer : Ha-ha! Because I love it way too much and I can assure you I do best winged eyeliners for myself and I probably don’t know what I would have done without a winged eyeliner 😁

  • How do you make your lipstick matte and long lasting?

Answer : Well probably buy a good Lipstick ha-ha! Sometimes I prefer using a lip primer before my lipstick or also use a matching pencil over the lipstick as well to make it matte if its not a matte one originally, so its matte and it stays long.

  • What product do you never leave home without?

Answer : Lipstick !!

  • How do you take care of your eyelashes?

Answer : When at home, i use some castor oil for my eye lashes or even some vaseline to my lashes to make them longer and thicker.

  • Who taught you makeup?

Answer : My mom, YouTube, Bharat & Dorris

Alrighty! This was fun! I’m gonna do this more often!! Thank you for all your questions and I hope the answers are helpful!!

Until next;

Stay Beautiful!!

Much Love, xoxo


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