10 Beauty Blunders You Need To Stop Doing Right Away!

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Hope Y’all are doing Great!!

We all wish to look beautiful and we literally spend a lot of effort along with countless hours to look our best, but most of us are making some Beauty Blunders that we had no idea were all wrong!


  1. Problem: Not exfoliating before applying foundation – Foundation and Concealers only cover up your blemishes and flaws but they are unable to hide your dry skin in fact it’s even more visible after your foundation. Make sure to use a good face scrub and exfoliate your skin twice a week and layer it with your favorite moisturizer in order to stay away from dry, dead skin.
  2. Problem: Not using enough heat – While you think you can save your hair from the heat damage by keeping your flat iron on a low power setting, it actually isn’t working that way, what you do is you unknowingly cause more damage because you’ll have to take more precise sections and go on for multiple times over a section to get your hair straight, which indirectly causes more damage than keeping it on a higher power would probably do.
  3. Problem: Harsh Eyeliner on your Lower lashes – Some people I’ve come across, use an eyeliner on their lower lashes which gives them a really precise and harsh looking line down their lashes Instead, use a pencil to get a subtle line and always blend it well so that it doesn’t smudge and also gives you a very natural look.
  4. Problem: Your mascara gets all over your Eyelids – If you can’t really get that perfect mascara do not panic. Grab a spoon from your kitchen and put it behind your lashes and then do your mascara, with this technique, it won’t get all over your eyelids and thus you can avoid the mess that it causes!
  5. Problem: Mascara gets Clumpy? Well, always start with curling your lashes first and then use your mascara while starting from the base and then working up your way. Let the first coat settle and then do another.
  6. Problem: Wearing Lip liner All Wrong – One of the most common mistakes that most of us do is keeping the lip liner harsh and not blending it properly, the harsh line that shows up once your lipstick starts fading isn’t really pretty and thus to avoid such a blunder, make sure to blend in your lip liner well enough before applying your lipstick.
  7. Problem: Avoiding your neck – You should take care of your neck as much as you do your face. Make sure you blend your foundation or moisturizer down your neck as well.
  8. Problem: Eye shadow falling all over your cheeks – If you are somebody like me who does eye makeup after the foundation, them make sure you apply a layer of loose powder below your eyes or hold some tissue, in order to avoid the eye shadow falling over your cheeks which is going to mess up your freshly done foundation.
  9. Problem: Frizzy flyaways on your forehead – Aren’t you irritated when those frizzy flyaways are around your face when you want to pull back your hair in a sleek ponytail? In order to get rid of them, spray a new toothbrush with strong hold hairspray and gently brush the flyaways and your job’s done!
  1. Problem: Skipping your blush and contour while doing your foundation – If you cover your face with foundation and do not do your blush and contour your face looks flat and unnatural, In order to avoid that, add some natural flush of color to your cheeks to look subtle and natural.

So these are some common Beauty Blunders that you need to acknowledge and stop making right away!

Also, I’m doing a Q and A blog make sure you put in your questions and I shall answer them soon!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful!!

Much Love, xoxo


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