Glitter Glamour 

Hola Loves !! 

Being a daughter to a Makeup Artist Mumma, I’ve grown up with makeup and glamour all around me. While other girls played with their Barbies, I used to grab Mummas makeup kit and take all the brushes out and start doing my makeup! Ha-ha! The passion has been following throughout !! Just wanna tell you guys, always Do what you Love, Love what you Do! 

So With all the Glitter trend escalating all around the Fashion Weeks this year, I was keen enough to try out this Look. All I did was, adding glitter glam to my Marilyn Inspired makeup look that I did previously. If you haven’t seen yet, you can check here (The products used are also been mentioned on the blog). 

The Glitter Eyeliner that I’ve used here is Crystal Liquid Eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics in Silver. 

So Comment below and tell me what you think about the Glitter twist that I bought to my previously done makeup look!! 

Also, Ive put up a Q and A blog so do make sure you add your queries/questions and I’ll answer them soon!! 

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful!! 

Much Love, xoxo


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