Marilyn Monroe Recreation

Hello Hello Hello Loves!!

Marilyn Monroe has always been more than just a pretty face! She’s inspired us in every way with her bold, sexy, smart and ambitious qualities that she had. She has always been praised for her looks, her physique and breathy voice. She has always made women love themselves and feel good in their own body! Personally, I’ve always loved her way too much and she’s always inspired me and her words are to live by! More Love to Her!

So with all the Love that I have for her, I recently created a look inspired by her and I am totally obsessed with how it turned out to be.

Product Breakdown:

Most of the products I’ve used are from Mac

Primer: Mac prep+prime

Concealer: Mac studio finish

Foundation: Liquid foundation from Mac

Compact: Mac studio fix

Contouring: Mac sculpting powder

Blusher: Mac Mineralize Blush in shade Love Thing

Eye Primer: Mac 24hr extended eye base

Eye Shadow: Mac Last Dance Dazzle shadow + New Romance

Eyeliner: Mac Liquid Last Liner Also, using it for making the mole on my face

Mascara: Mac Instacurl Lash

Lashes: Pac lashes number 213

Eye Brow: Mac Brow Sculpt

Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo

One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a Woman. That is the way all females should feel – Marilyn Monroe

You’ve always been a total package of Gorgeousness Marilyn! Comment below and tell me what you think about this Look!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful

Much Love, xoxo



4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe Recreation

  1. Wow di😍😍 you totally nailed it😍💟💟 love your eyemakeup look😍💟
    That’s difficult for me double winged eyeliner hehe but you are pro at it di😄😍😍💟💟

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