What’s Your Red ?!!

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Hope y’all are doing Great!!

Talking about Lipsticks, I literally go crazy while selecting that perfect red and I’m sure pretty much of you are going to agree here. Red Lipstick has been an iconic beauty staple since Marilyn Monroe, and all of us have loved and appreciated as well. I’ve always come around questions like which red should I go for or which red would suit me, well here I have an answer for you;

The most important factor to picking the right red lipstick is to be aware of your skin undertones along with your skin tone. Look for how to check your undertones here;

If you have warm undertones, look for reds with yellow undertones or orange reds. If you have cool undertones, look for reds with blue undertones or pink reds. Of course you might look great in a cool red even if you have warm undertones and vice versa. You should always keep experimenting even if you love the way you look in cool reds, you might find that warm toned reds bring out your eyes or suit you even better!

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still confused? Well here’s an easy way to find that perfect red for yourself;

Fair skin : Corals, blue based cherry reds and brick reds.

Medium skin : Orange, cherry and cranberry reds.

Dark skin : Deep warm reds, raspberry and blue based figs.

There’s a shade of Red for every Woman💄

No more struggles finding the perfect red lipstick that’s going to flatter your skin tone and make you look like a stunner out there!

Also, I’m taking up all your questions right now, so make sure you drop your questions down in the comments and il make sure to answer them as soon as possible!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨

Much Love, xoxo



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Red ?!!

  1. Hi anerri
    Reds are also my favourite to wear on occassions but every red lipstick seems to stain my lips (brands like maybelline and rimmel) and does not wipe off with even a good makeup remover .How do I avoid this any suggestions .will a lip primer do the job if so which one do u recommend as I havent used it much for the lip.TIA
    Keep the blogs coming 😊

  2. Thanks a lot aneri will do that ,i presently use olive or baby oil at times .Coconut oil tends to dry my skin but will try it out

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