Double Bun LOOk :

Hey Lovelies!! 

How are y’all?!! 

We all know this space buns and double bun trend that is all over right now, So I thought of trying it out also, I havn’t done purple eyes yet so I grabbed my tools and started with this look and it turned out to look like this 

Makeup Product Breakdown:

  • For this makeup, I’ve used oval brushes from My Makeup Brush Set
  • Liquid foundation from Lakme Absolute 
  • Setting the look using translucent powder from Benneye
  • For my contour, Ive used mac sculpting powder 
  • I’m using Mac new romance mineralize blush pairing it with peaches
  • Eye primer from Milani 
  • Using a purple pencil to give my eye shape, coating it with purple shadow from Morphe.
  • Over my crease line I’m using some orange and yellow, together.
  • For my highlighter area below the brows, I’m using an Ivory shadow from Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Doing my eyeliner using Sugar Eye told you so Black Liner.
  • Mascara from Maybelline
  • Doing my eyebrows using Pac eyebrow definer kit.
  • Lashes from Pac in number 51.
  • Lipstick from Incolor Lovers Rouge in shade 607

    Hair :

    • Using Bed Head spoil me hair spray, to give my hair some volume.
    • Parting my hair sideways, I tied two pony tails, which I then teased in order to have some voluminous and big buns, which i rather wouldn’t get in my normal hair.
    • I turned those pony tails into buns and took out some fringes so my face dosent look round and tadaa All set to rock the Look!! 

    Comment below and tell me what you think about this look!! 

    Until Next;

    Stay beautiful ✨

    Much Love, xoxo


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