Everyday Favorite Pink Lipsticks!!

Hello Pretty People!!

Now if you ask me, no I’m not a pink loving girl and probably il never even be but when it comes to lipsticks, yes I have a lot of favorite pinks. Surprisingly I found out that pink basically goes with all the occasions and outfits as well! So when I went through my makeup stash, I came across these Pink Lipsticks that ive been using the most and let me tell you how budget friendly are most of these! Come let’s have a look at these;

  • Incolor Matte Me : Shade number 406, It’s a neon kinda pink and is bright and chirpy enough to wear.
  • Incolor Lovers Rouge : Shade 607, It’s a cute pink shade which I like to wear in formal meets.
  • Colorbar Kiss Proof Matte Lip Stain : Shade 005, This one lipstain is always in my bag and is my go-to lipstick! You can check the review here.
  • Mad Magenta from Sugar Cosmetics : It’s as magenta as the name suggests! Check the review here.
  • Bharat & Dorris Lipgloss : Shade 011, It’s a gold-pink shimmery gloss, looks kick-ass when top coated with a matte pink lipstick. Great for your traditional looks.
  • Mac Flat out fabulous : A subtle pink shade which is gorgeous enough to wear in your socials.

Never Underestimate the power of a Lipstick💄

Comment below and tell me which are your Favorite Pinks!! 💄

I can’t do without my Lipstick, can you?!  The next Giveaway is a contest where you need to tell me one reason why Lipstick is your Bestfriend!!💄 Start thinking about what role your Lipstick plays in your Life?!! So what are you waiting for? Go and think about it Nowww💕

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨

Much Lovee, xoxo


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