5 Favorite Go–To Lipsticks

Hola People!

I had an amazing Giveaway! I literally am overwhelmed with all the Love and Support you guys have given me! I’m so very grateful I never really thought things are going to be this beautiful the day I started with my first blog! Thank you for being amazing supporters throughout, long way to go yet But I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful journey with the support and constant love of all you stunners!!

So many of you always ask me about my Lip shades that I commonly use, So here’s a quick listing of my favorite go-to Lipsticks;

  • Mac Hue – This lipstick has a glaze finish so it’s not as pigmented. It is described as a soft pale pink and again it is a lovely nude color. Wearing it with lots of mascara, defined brows and simple eyeliner is a perfect look for your casual brunch!!

  • Mac Lady Danger – Now this is a stunning coral-red bright shade to wear totally stands out and draws attention! In fact so many times I’ve literally being asked by strangers about what shade I was wearing! It’s the most favorite one and I feel a lot confident when I’m wearing this shade! Love wearing it in those parties with my Girlfriends!
  • The Big Bang Berry Lipstick from Sugar Cosmetics – It’s a gorgeous plum shade to deep wine kind of color. A Total package of bold, stunning and confident type color. I totally love wearing them in those formal kinds of parties and events.
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Collection Pinks in shade Liya – It’s a beautiful reddish pink shade and makes me feel like a Girl Boss specially while I wear it to my work!

    • Mac Ruby Woo – It’s a perfect red that I love paring with my Indian outfits’. And probably doesn’t need a lot of explanation! It’s everyone’s favorite!!

    Ofcourse True beauty comes from within, Lipstick just adds a little Pizzazz! 💄

      So these are my go-to lipsticks I cannot do without! Comment below and tell me which ones are your favorites!! Also, suggest me some topics you would like me to blog about!!

      Until Next;

      Stay Beautiful✨

      Much Love, xoxo



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