The Rakhshabandhan Look

Hello Loves!!

So it’s almost time for Rakshabandhan and with all those other preparations, we obviously got to make sure that our makeup game is strong as well! And so I’ve created this Look which is super easy to achieve and also doesnt really require a lot of products. Let’s hop on to the product breakdown and also learn how I got this look.

Product Breakdown :

  • Starting with a clean face is always so so important. Some of you asked me whether to use ice before doing your makeup or not, well that’s not necessary, just washing your face with cold water and then doing your makeup would do.
  • prepping my face using primer from colorbar.
  • As my primer settled, I used a concealer from Kryolan to cover up my dark circles, apply it to your pores as well (if any).
  • Blending my concealer well using Beauty Blender.
  • Doing my base, which is a cream/cake foundation from Kryolan again and blending it well using beauty blender.
  • Running through my face using a buffing brush, making sure my base is well blended.
  • Setting up the foundation using Studio fix from Mac.
  • Face sculpting/contouring done using a brown blush from Bharat & Dorris in shade 07.
  • The blusher ive used here is from Makeup For Ever HD Blush collection in shade 210.
  • Starting with my eyes, using an eye primer from Pac.
  • I don’t really want too dramatic or over done eyemakeup so all im using is a blush over my eyes.
  • Using up a mineralized blush from Mac in shade Love Joy and some New Romance on my eyes.
  • For highlighting the area below my brows, I’ve used shades from the Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter palette.
  • Adding up some black shadow to give a shape to the outer corner of my eyes, blending it well enough to fade the prominent black color.
  • Using a purple eye pencil as my eye liner, from L’oreal Paris Infalliable Silkissme Eye Liner (Pure Purple). Going a bit thicker with this pencil.
  • Doing a thinner eye-to-eye liner using black eyeliner from Sugar cosmetics (Eye-told-you-so) just to define my eyes pretty well.
  • Using some purple eye pencil on my lower lash line as well.
  • Black eyepencil from Plum Goodness on my waterline/rimline and also tighlinning my eyes using the same product.
  • Getting my Lipstick done using Force of Love shade from Mac cosmetics.
  • Touch up done to my base using studiofix again.

And Voila!! You’re all set to go and rock this Look!! Try this look and tell me your experience!!

Also, comment below and let me know what you think about this Look. Mention down here if you want me to do any looks/tutorials!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨

Much Love, xoxo



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