Quick DIY Hairstyles For College Girls!!

As college girls, we’re always looking for tips and tricks that are affordable and time-saving. Between those classes, curricular activities and social lives, it’s really hard to find time to always primp and prep ourselves to always look stunning, But not to worry anymore!! These quick and easy DIY Hairstyles would make you look beautiful all the time.You got oily/greasy hair and not time to wash them? No issues!! Grab some baby powder and it’ll temporarily hide your not-so-freshly-washed locks! You could also use a dry shampoo in that case.  Lets look at the DIY’s

  1. The Twist And Pin Hairdo : Section out a small one inch piece of hair from one side and twist it away from your face. If your hair is on the finer side, tease the section slightly, twist hair. Secure the sections with bobby pins creating an X shape.


2. Voluminous ponytail : Secure a tight ponytail, take the upper section of the ponytail and tease it and smooth out the upper part and thus giving volume to your ponytail

3. Twisted halo : Take two sections from both the sides, above your ears and twist it, going behind and tuck it back, at the center and you’re done!!img_2593.jpg

4. Double french braids: Begin an inverted fishtailbraid by splitting your loose hair into 2 equal sections. Take a piece from the left strand and cross it under, then merge with the right strand. Then take a piece from the right strand, cross it under then merge with the left strand. Continue this all the way down. P.s. This hairstyle is great when you have oily/greasy hair.


5. Rose braid ponytail :

Start by taking a triangular section on the side. The size of the section will depend on the amount of hair. If you have super thick hair, take a slightly smaller section. If you have thinner hair, you’ll want to take a little more hair. I usually take a section from the hairline to right behind the ear.

  • Next, create an inside-out or dutch braid with that section and tie it off loosely with a clear elastic. Gently pull your braid apart to fatten it up/widen it.
  • Once you have your braid thickened up and textured, spray some fine mist hairspray all over everything that’s not in the braid.
  • Now grab everything, the braid and the rest of the hair and gather into a high pony. Secure using a thicker stronger elastic. Take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder to cover it up, then pin underneath using a bobby pin. Add some wave with a wand if desired!img_2590-1

• Get those heatless beachy waves by separating your hair into 2 parts each and stick the twists for an hour and then let your hair down and voila! (if starting with dry hair, mist your hair with water to damp them for better results).

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨