Going Subtle- Get The Look!! 

Hello Hello Hello Loves💕

With all the growing love for kylie jenner, I decided to do a makeup look inspired by her. Absolutely loving the way she carries that matte brown and dusky look! So I thought of trying it out. Now this look was also a quick one and fun to do. You could easily wear this look to your formal events or even social meets when you wanna go a bit lighter. Here’s how it turned out;

Product Breakdown: 

  • Starting with a clean face, using my primer from colorbar
  • As my primer sets, using Liquid foundation from NYX stay matte but not flat, blending it using a buffing brush.
  • Setting up my base with my favorite, studio fix from Mac 
  • Doing my face contouring using brown shadow from B&D shade no 7.
  • Blush that I’ve used here was from Maybelline (creamy cinnamon)
  • Starting my eyes with Medium brown pencil from NYX, doing a thick eye-to-eye liner and smudging it like we do for smokey eyes, using my small finger and dragging the pencil color upwards. 
  • Using Mac soft brown shadow over my crease line to blend along over the brown pencil. 
  • For the highlighter area below my brows, I’ve used Blanc Type shadow from Mac, also adding some to the inner corner of my eyes. 
  • Using Mac subculture lip pencil for my lips (I ain’t using a lipstick here, only lip pencil over my lips).
  • Eyebrows were done using Pac brow definer kit.
  • Giving a touch up to my look using Mac studio fix

And taadaa!! I’m done with this look💁 

Let me know what you think about this look!! Also, do tell me if there’s any look you’d want me to do!!💖 I’m starting with making videos real soon!!💕

I’m kinda more addicted to doing bright shade Lipsticks so changing my lipstick with a single shade of Mac Flat out Fabulous, to the same look

P.s. I’ve tried doing some beachy waves to my hair. 

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨

Much Love, xoxo 


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