Beauty Myths Busted !!

Hello Loves;

How’s the day treating you so far? Today we talk about something really important. We always hear many things from all the sources or even people and sometimes we end up believing in a beauty statement which is nothing but a myth and thus it is necessary to get our heads clear with all the beauty truths and myths and make life a bit less complicated!!

  1. Myth : Makeup causes acne :

  • Never ! If you’re putting serious attention in taking off the makeup correctly, there’s no research indicating that makeup causes acne and there is no consensus on which ingredients or mix of products are problematic.

2. Myth : Expensive cosmetics are always better than Inexpensive ones :

  • The fact is there are good and bad products in all categories. It’s all about the formulation and not the price. There are so many products that are hell expensive and are just not worth it, while there are some inexpensive products that are brilliantly beautiful to use!

3. Myth : Brush your hair with 100 strokes before bed for shiny, healthy hair :

  • No! You should only brush your hair as much as you need to in order to get rid of tangles. Over brushing can over dry your hair.

4. Myth : Shaving will make your hair grow back thicker and darker :

  • False! Shaving your hands and legs or be it any part of the body for that matter, will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. When you shave you’re cutting the hair off above the skin, not pulling it out from, or damaging the follicle.

5. Myth : You can shrink your pores :

  • False! You can only do that temporarily and never permanently. An egg white or other masks can minimize your pores, but only temporarily.

6. Myth : Use of castor oil increases growth of eyelash and eyebrow hair :

  • Application of any oils do not affect the rate of hair growth except for the possible effects of the massage action.

7. Myth : Skin cream & moisturizer with vitamin A, E and other plants extract prevents ageing and skin wrinkling :

  • Most of these substances are not absorbed topically and hence carry no added advantage over a plain moisturizer. some of them are humectants and thus act as moistuizers and temporarily improve wrinkles.

8. Myth : Haircut makes your hair grow faster :

  • False! If you’re trying to grow your hair, grow as long as possible and maintain healthy hair with the use of heat protectant or mask treatment in between 1/4 inch trims 2-3 x a year.

Get rid of these Beauty Myths and rereate your Beauty Routines.

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful

Much Love, xoxo



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