Bold, Edgy & Beautiful !! 

Hello Hello Hello Loves!!

How are y’all doing??!! So if you remember, i did a blog about all the Trends that came over this year in the makeup and fashion industry and like i told you I’d try some of the trends for the blog, here’s the Negative Space Eyeliner Look with those Bold Lips and this is how it turned out to be; 

Let me tell you this, never in my life have I ever did such bold and quirky color like i have worn those dark reds and purple shades but this one was pretty different from all of them and it was really really fun doing it and ofcourse all those appriciations that I’ve received were overwhelming!! Thank you so much for the Love and Support people!! I’m gonna do this more often!! 💜

Until Next;

Stay Tuned✨

Much Love, xoxo


5 thoughts on “Bold, Edgy & Beautiful !! 

  1. Hey..dear..I love your make-up and style.. Follow you..roposo..instagram… blog… thanks organise beautiful give away

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