Waterproof Makeup Hacks

Hello People!!

So Today we talk about Water Proof Makeup Hacks. Now if you’re a makeup addict like me, and makeup is an essential part of your routine then my girls, these tips are gonna be helpful to you!! Be it in monsoon or summer or those pool parties or any other event where you know you are gonna need a perfect makeup and that it dosen’t get messy that’s when you gotta opt for water proof hacks.

  1. You must wear a primer before your makeup to build a smear-proof base.
  2. Avoid doing a heavy base for obvious reasons. Opt for light weight foundations, BB creams or tinted moisturizers or even loose powders.
  3. If you have to use concealer and cream based foundation then to make it water proof, you need to spray some water from a distance, on your face after you’ve blended your base and then blend again (this time really well) and that’s how your base/foundation becomes water proof! You can then set your base with your compact or a loose powder.
  4. While doing your blush, instead of powder blushes, you could use your cream blushes. Remember, the blush looks prettiest when its all natural and not too visible. Also if you get wet, sweat or something, just dab it with a tissue and your blush stays in place.
  5. We all know that we need water proof Mascara, Eyeliner and you could avoid using eyepencil if not necessary.
  6. Eyebrows could be done using eye brow pencil or even brow gel. But if you are using an eyebrow pencil keep your pencil along with you just in case if you need a touch up.
  7. The best bet for your lips are matte tints and no gloss.
  8. For your eye makeup, you could use eye tints that dry easily other than powder based shadows. If you’re going for powdered shadows make sure you use an eye primer and then do your eyemakeup and try being minimal with your eyes.
  9. Seal your look with a Setting Spray/ Makeup fixer Always!
  10. Make sure you change your skincare routine with the change in seasons.
  11. Go for oil-free, silicon based products as they act as a barrier between your skin and the humidity and thus let’s your foundation stay long.

These are some quick tips that you need to keep in mind while water proofing your Makeup!!

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