Recreating The Look – Deepika Padukone

Hello People!!💖

Have you seen how gorgeous Deepika looked at iifa 2016?!! She totally rocked in the Sabyasachi outfit so i thought of recreating her makeup look. Here’s the product breakdown and the tutorial of how I achieved the look!

Product Break down :

  • As you know, we always start with a clean face.
  • I’ve used my primer first, from Mac Prep+Prime. Letting it settle for 2-3 minutes, I did my eye makeup till then.
  • The first eyeshadow that ive used is foxy from naked 2 palette. That’s a very nude shade and I absolutely love staring with a neutral shade.
  • Since it’s a smokey look. I’m using black eye pencil from faces, to give a thick eye-to-eye liner.
  • Smudging the eye pencil, following the shape of my eyes, as the pencil blends it gets all smudged and lighter, thus we need to use a black shadow over it to give that bold and intense look.
  • Black eyeshadow from naked palette (urban decay blackout).
  • Blend, blend and blend, that’s they key to a perfect makeup.
  • Over my crease line, ive used a brown shadow (soft brown) from Mac.
  • Highlighter below my brows was Virgin from Naked palette.
  • Using my blending eyemakeup brush to blend the shadow really well so that it doesn’t look over done or prominent.
  • Repeating the black shadow on the eyeball.
  • I’ve kept the eyeliner quite basic as its anyway black smokey so it’s not going to be too visible.
  • Doing my foundation now, using Mac studio finish concealor and Mac mineralize to do by base.
  • Studio fix (mac) to set my foundation, giving it a semi-matte look.
  • Face contouring was done using brown blush from Nyx.
  • Blusher from Mac in shade peaches, over which ive used mac mineralize blush, shade  New Romance.
  • Mascara from Maybelline, 3 coats each, also carefully going through my lower lashes.
  • For my brows ive used Pac eyebrow define kit.
  • Defining my lips using Soft brown (819) from Nyx.
  • Lipstick Mac (myth).
  • I then did a touch up using studio fix again.
  • To set my look, I’ve used a setting spray from Mac.

And tadaa💁 I achieved the deepika look!! ✨

You could always use products from any brands, just make sure the colors are kinda alike to get the perfect look. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your kit and get the look and showw me your pictures!! 😍 I can’t wait to see them!! Any queries, do comment below!!💁

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨