5 Products Only – Get The Look!! 

Hello Hello Hello Loves💖

So It’s Get The Look Wednesday and today I’ve created a look using minimum i.e  5 products only! I know sometimes we don’t really have much time to do our makeup because we are running late and even then we obviously don’t wanna look all messy and trust me you don’t have to because this kick-ass, easy peasy and super fast routine makes you look no less than a stunner! 


All You Need Is 5 Products And You’re All Set To Rock The Look!

  1. Starting with a clean face always, Ive used Compact from Lakme Absolute.
  2. Applying the compact with its sponge, now here I’ve used a wet sponge so it gives me a foundation like base, making sure it covers my dark circles if any, and gives me an even and flawless foundation.
  3. As my base settled, I used a cream blush in shade Yummy from MUA. Using my fingers to blend blend and blend my blush really well so that it doesn’t look like a patch of color.
  4. Using a Brown eye pencil from NYX, to give a thick liner and then spreading it upwards and blending it using my small finger because obviously I don’t want it to spread too much or unevenly so it’s convenient to use our small finger to blend and thus give a smokey kinda look.
  5. Next, Ive used the same brown pencil to give a winged eyeliner (p.s. I can’t do without a winged eyeliner though you could do your eyeliner as per choice, also you can always use a different color eye pencil for the same).
  6. Using Loreal paris volume million lashes mascara (black) to do my eyebrows, yes you read it right, Ive done my brows using a black mascara, make sure you go very slow and gentle while doing your brows with mascara. Even if it gets too dark or messy don’t try and get it off at that very moment, it’ll get more messy! let it dry and then you can always take off easily. Just don’t panic, you’re not suppose to do that while you’re with your eyeliner or mascara🤗
  7. Using the mascara for my lashes, lower lashes, giving 2 coats each.
  8. Lastly, Lipstick Peach Blossom from Mac.

You can always touch up your base using the compact, this time with a dry sponge.

So this was a nude, no makeup look which needs minimum products and as you see its super easy and is done in minutes!!

P.s. Avoid the swollen eyes, Ive been sick lately 😐🙄😓

Remember, No makeup look also requires makeup to achieve it!!

Also, Comment below if you want me to do some look for you guys!! Much Love!!

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful ✨