The Body Shop Must Haves!!

Hello Guys!!💖

How’s the day treating you so far?! Rainy days are so lazy and cosy you just don’t wanna leave bed and get to work isn’t it?! Anyways!!😄 So we talk about The Body Shop Products today. Now Body Shop has always been my favorite beauty care brand. They offer such natural, organic and gorgeous products that work extremely great for your skin, hair and body all together. The best part about the brand is that they source these ingredients from community traders and therefore do their social bit by benefiting the small time farmers. They do not use or sell products, ingredients that were tested on animals. So their products are quite environment friendly and classy to use. I’ve used some of their products and some are already added to my wish list!! All their products are amazing but some of these are ravishing to use! So Let’s look at these best products to buy from the body shop.

  1. The Body Butters: Trust me, there’s nothing as spectacular for your skin as the body butters. TBS has some breathtaking flavoured body butters with enriching moisturizing properties. My skin tends to get really dry during winters specially due to obvious reasons, Body butter comes in as a saviour there! Their top picks are Moringa, Vanilla Bliss, Cocoa Butter and Strawberry Body Butter. Price ranges from rs 1095 to 1395. The tub lasts for a long time and is hands down the best body shop product!


2. Raspberry Born Lippy Balm : Super shiny lip balm that hydrates and moisturizes and also gives a prepossessing color to your lips. It comes in a yummy-luscious fruit flavour. Price rs 275/-


3. Tea – Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub: It’s got tiny exfoliating beads that gives your skin a refreshing and invigorating feeling once you wash it off. It’s super startling!


4. Macadamia straightening Balm: You got curly or wavy hair and struggling everyday to make time to straighten your hair so that you can move out? No more all this fuss! Macadamia nut oil penetrates the hair to provide rich conditioning and maximum shine and softness. Your hair will be super straight even in the most humid weather! Now that is something! isn’t it? This stunner is in my wish list, have you added it already?


5. Wild Argan Oil: The radiant oil for body and hair. Now this product is-to-die-for! It soothes the skin and is healthy for your hair too.


6. TBS Body Mists: Gentle and refreshing, fruity, zesty, floral and even nutty fragrances brought to you in fine body mists. It’s light weight. Coconut, Moringa, Mango, White Musk are the best picks. Price rs 795/-


7. TBS Body Polish : Fragrant foaming gel based scrub that’s gentle for everyday use. Removes dead skin cells revealing brighter, healthy looking skin. It contains community trade organic honey. Price rs 445/-


8. TBS Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner : The shampoo and conditioner are silicones, sulphates, parabens and colourants free and is best for those with dry and damaged hair. It contains pracaxioil, manketti nut oil which cleanses hair gently and followed by conditioner, it makes the hair super soft, smooth and lustrous. They also have a shampoo catering to specific needs such as volume, radiance, shine etc in the rainforest range. Priced at rs 795/- each.

9. TBS Rainforest Hair Butter : This gives your hair an at home spa treatment. It is rich and has deep conditioning formula which makes the hair glossy and tangle free. Should be used once a week, at least. It’s a must have product! Price 1095/-


10. TBS British Rose Shower Gel :  clean rose scent, youthful and fresh. Feels like you’ve just popped out of your rose-petal bath! Its made with organic roses grown specially for the TBS, on a rose farm in Herefordshire, England. They are hand-picked and air-dried and then used which therefore is the reason behind its fresh rose essence. Price rs 450/-


So these are some of the gorgeous picks from The Body Shop. All their products are definitely recommended as they are organic, natural and best for your skin, hair and body! You could get these products from the outlets or online here

Have you used any of these or would like to add some more of such wonderful picks from TBS? Comment below and let me knoww!!💁

Until Next;

Stay Beautiful✨


2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Must Haves!!

  1. Heya! Hands down to the raspberry lip balm .its my fav too..however u should try their lip butter cocoa balm..its amazing ! Actually yummy.. And also their argon rough scrub is to die for.. Does the best scrubbing and leaves ur skin pampered.also, I found ur blog true to my taste. Most of the products mentioned are actually enjoyed by me too..would be looking up to read them! Yay ..take care and keep posting

  2. Hey firstly thanks for commenting inn! And yeah the raspberry I absolutely love and I’m definitely gonna try the cocoa balm too!! They have amaziingg products!! Thanks for reading!! Much Love!! 😘

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