Monsoon Hair Care Routine⛈

Hello Loves💖

We all love monsoons don’t we?! But on the other hand we really need to make sure that our hair care routine is well maintained. It’s essential to take best care for our hair while monsoons because obviously the atmosphere and the humdity makes our hair dry and also greasy too soon! So I’m ready whit my hair care routine, are you?!!

  • Firstly, oiling my hair on Saturdays is a must. I like to add a few curry leaves to some warm coconut oil and then massage my scalp well.
  • Moroccon oil is my favorite! Its so so good and is recommended!!
  • My hair wash routine changes from everyday to twice or thrice a week.
  • I love using organic shampoos as they are tender and mild for our hair and helpful during monsoons. Also Moroccon shampoo, Tony and Guy shampoo and conditioners are great to use. (You could get tem online too).
  • Avoid getting wet in rains.
  • Getting a hair spa done at home using rose water and coconut milk is great to try.
  • And the best part is I get to drink a lot of coconut water! It’s really good for the hair as well as skin and is super yummy too!!
  • Once a week I use hair mask and preferring DIY masks, Banana mash, honey and almond oil mask is super amazing to use! Leave it for half an hour, wrapping with a hot towel around.
  • I like Altering coconut oil with warm olive oil and leave it for half an hour or so before shower. It makes my hair frizz free and the texture gets really soft and wonderful.
  • I try to keep my hair all natural, avoiding heat machines during Monsoons.

So this was my hair care routine during Monsoons. Share yours with me in the comments below!!💁

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Stay Beautiful✨