The Right Tools To Your Foundation!

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So, Today we talk about all the various tools that are available for your various kinds of foundations. Well this is One of the most frequent questions that I am asked about, people have really been confused with which is the right tool for what kind of foundation or you could just use your fingers to get your job done. Let me tell you, you could really use anything as long as you know the right techniques! Well here are some guidelines to help you get the right tools that make your work easy and accessible.

Firstly, these are the kind of tools available for your foundation

No don’t look confused we’ll figure their functions and then you can pick up the right one!!

  • Flat Foundation Brush : Now this is basically used for your under eye areas, imperfections, giving downward strokes.Concealors are mostly applied using this flat brush as its precise and easy to use it under eyes.

  • Buffing Brush : I believe this is really helpful for blending our liquid foundations. It really gives even and flawless finish to our face.Use it in circular motion while you blend. The more you blend the better the results.



  • Beauty Blender : Areas under our eyes, nose corners, mouth corners where the brush may or may not reach, leaving it unblended is where the beauty blender comes as a saviour. It reaches those minor areas giving full coverage to our face thus making our foundation look really blended and even. Used for your cream foundations, tinted moisturizers or even cream blushes. It requires a stippling movement, bouncing the blender along the face or wherever required, pressing slightly on the surface.

  • Powder Brush : Now this brush is used for your compacts, studio fix and translucent powders. You also get a smaller powder brush for covering under eye areas.


  • Triangle Sponge : This one is my favourite one, You know why? Because it’s used for our cream based face contouring which is done really precise due to its shape and gives us a sleek and sharp face cut. You also get a square-shaped, flat contour brush for the accurate contouring. You can use this for both cream as well as powder contouring.

  • Powder sponge : It is used to dilute off the excess powders or even contour and blush (powder form)


  • Angled Stippling Brush : This again is used in a stippling manner of course to cover areas around your nose, eyes, edges of the face, hairline for precise and flawless coverage.


  • Oval Brush : These new launched oval shaped brushes really excite me a lot because they have them in all sizes from your foundation to your lipsticks and eyeliners, all in oval shape! They look so interesting that ive ordered them already😅 and best part is they are amazing and super easy to handle!!


So now that you know which tool fits where, choose the right one and get your job done!!

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