Powder Blush & Cream Blush – Tell Apart 

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Blush as we all know, brightens the face and complements its glow. There are so many blush shades available in the market and we select as per our skin tone. Also, Cream blush is gaining popularity along with powder blush. Let us learn more about these two kinds of blushes and select them accordingly. 


  • Powder blush works with all skin types and is specially best for oily skin as it absorbs the oil thus giving a matte finish.
  • Easy to apply and is long lasting.
  • It is light weight.
  • Looks natural and blends well.
  • If needed, we can add other colors on it or even tone down the blush color by adding face powder to it.
  • Colors can be blended to create highlights and contours.
  • We can use powder blush as an eye shadow too.


  • Cream blush is solid as a single color.
  • It’s application needs practice as proper blending is required or it looks patchy. Blending prevents the color from streaking or clumping.
  • Preferably, do not use your fingers, Use a blending/buffing brush for a cream blush.
  • Adds moisture to the face thus great for dry skin.
  • Cream blush is great for mature skin as it tends to give more youthful appearance.
  • Provides a touch of shimmer.
  • Cream blush can be used as a lipstick too.

When applied correctly and with the right shade, both types of blushes are great to use as both powder as well as cream blushes have their own advantages and choosing between the two is a personal choice. I suggest you should try and experience both and select that which works best for you and that which you find easy to use. Remember that the results vary between various brands so make sure you make the right decision. The right blush definitely looks and feels Best!

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