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So today we talk about achieving those perfect eyebrows. Now as I had mentioned in the previous blog that i am taking blog suggestions so this blog is one of them! ๐Ÿ™Œ We often forget about defining and enhancing our brows which rather is the most important feature of our face and that we should always keep our brow game strong, after all Eyebrows are the one thing you can get into shape without Exercising ! Ha-Ha! We all love those fuller and voluminous looking defined eyebrows isn’t it?! The shape of the eyebrow is perfect when begining of the brow is aligned with the center of the nostril and the arch falls over the back third of the eye. I personally have had kinda straight looking eyebrows and therefore defining them has been a priority to me.

P.s. My best friend has perfectly defined, fuller and voluminous looking brows NATURALLY! and she dosent need to define them and I am so envious! Ha-Ha shhhh!! ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜…

They are real and natural๐Ÿ™„


So Let’s look at these pointers to enhance and define the brows in the right way;

  • While you define your brows, it’s always important that you don’t go too far from your original shape, just to avoid them from looking overdone.
  • Using a brow comb, brush them in the direction of growth or upwards.

  • You can define your brows with shadows (matte), gel fillers, powders, brow mascara or pencils.


  • I believe pencils are easy to use and it blends well.

  • You can also use a tinted brow gel to set the eyebrow in place after you define them.

  • Fill those gaps using the brow pencil or the small angular brow brush following the shape of your brows and only slightly beyond the outer edges, only a few strokes.
  • According to me it’s always better to start filling from the center of your brows and then filling the outer corner and then the inner corner as the inner and outer corner hair are thinner and scanty mostly.
  • Always seal the look using brow gel or brow mascara.

  • The right color can make or break the brow game. Always select a color darker to your hair. If your hair is dark, go one shade lighter. If your hair is red, use a light to medium neutral brown. And if your hair is black, use a dark gray or brown or either black. If you have pale or blonde eyebrows use a color that’s deeper than your natural brow color.
  • As much as possible, work only on filling the gaps of the eyebrows rather than drawing on the eyebrows and making them look way too unnatural and artificial.
  • I prefer doing my brows at the end of my Makeup to make sure they compliment my look.

These were some basic things that we got to know about enhancing our eyebrows and making our brow game strong! Defined eyebrows instantly make you look more polished!

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