Organizing Your Makeup Stash!!

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Today we talk about the most important topic and that is organizing all our makeup stash. We obviously have all our makeup stored here and there most of the times. I myself have some products in the drawer, some in my bag, some in my wardrobe, some in the vanity and some I have probably forgotten about! So its high time that we should get them all together and arrange them in a disciplined manner! Here are some tips and tricks which will help us get organized with our Makeup.


  • Firstly, make sure your makeup stash is away from sun and steam. Avoid storing your makeup on your bathroom counter unless it’s in a drawer where its cold and dark. Do not keep it anywhere near the window, you obviously want it to be away from the dust.
  • Unless it’s a nail polish, or a cold cream, do not unnecessarily store your makeup in the fridge its definitely not a good idea, it’s not meant to be stored there!
  • Best way to start organizing is by congregating all your makeup and tools. Go through them, you would surely come across those used up, expired products. Toss them out. There will be some products that you do not use any more, toss it if it’s no longer in a condition to be used, and if it’s still good enough then u can always give it away. Same goes for those double products, similar products, give them away!
  • Next comes your brushes, gather all your brushes and wash them if needed. Collect all your precise and smaller brushes like lip, eye, eyeliner brushes etc together in a box or a holder, and collect all your face brushes like blush, buffing, powder, contour etc brushes in a separate holder/box.


  • Divide your products and your brushes and put them into separate piles.
  • Assemble your favourite products that are almost used up. Compile them separately so that you can use it and toss it when used up totally.
  • Make a palette of your favourite eyeshadow or lipsticks, blushes, so you can find them all in one place when you need it.


  • You can get transparent drawers for storing all your makeup together to make it easier for you to find your products as its visible and clear.


  • If you are somebody who is creative enough, then you can refer to those DIY’s to make a magnet frame/board to assemble all your everyday products and beautifully display them so that they are accessible for you and doing this will also save your time in your everyday makeup routine.


  • Stock up all your blushes and contours together and all your lipsticks and glosses together.


  • When it comes to your nail polishes, you can paint your nail color swatches on an adhesive paper, use a hole punch to create a clean circle and stick it to the top of your nail polish bottle. This makes your job easier when you have trouble selecting the best color for yourself. Life could be easy, Dont complicate it!!😅


  • Make sure you place your nail polish removers with your polishes.
  • Keep your makeup removers and cleansers handy so that you find them easily and remove your makeup neatly rather than getting all the more lazy trying to find your cleansers and then taking off your makeup.
  • Keep a pencil-case for your eye pencils and lip pencils.

So, this was a brief knowledge on how we can organize our makeup and tools. Now i know organizing stuff sometimes gets really boring to do but its a great way to get rid of those old products, clean things up, maintain the hygiene, decorate your makeup stash and arrange them well so they are easy to access.

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