About The Magical Wand!!

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We all love our lashes long, thick and luscious isn’t it? And that’s what we achieve with this magical wand called Mascara! There are like so many types of mascara available out there along with waterproof and smudge proof mascara. We often get confused as to which mascara should we buy, so making your job easier, let us know the types of mascara, its usage and its application.

  • Straight brush: They are easy to use, are accessible for smaller lashes as well as inner eyelid lashes. You can easily coat the lashes making it look fuller.


  • Comb mascara: Now in comb mascara, both straight as well as curved wands are available. These are designed to separate the lashes so that they don’t clump. Here the bristles are perfect to even out the lashes and add volume and length.


  • Big brush: Big brush will coat more formula on the lashes therefore giving more volume. It’s bristles are placed and designed for extra thickness. A big mascara brush can be hard to use and can get clumpy but is easy to get used to, with practice.


  • Curved Brush: Perfect to give more curl and lift to the lashes.


  • Long brush: Best for lengthening as it has a long wand. Evenly spaced bristles wont give much volume. They are for separating and defining lashes.



  • Vibrating brush: We absolutely have a vibrating mascara in the market! It gives you stunning results but you got to be very careful and courageous to use it though! Gives volume, length, curl and separation to the lashes.

  • Rubber wand: It wont hold much formula as regular mascara and therefore gives you a natural everyday look.

  • Bottom lash brush: We often tend to ignore the bottom lash, which is equally important to coat. This helps you define the lower lash precisely and enhances it.


  • Spherical brush: This focuses on the lashes individually whereas the application requires more skill as you need to rotate the brush when applying it and is also time-consuming but definitely gives a good result.


  • Eyebrow mascara: This is to shape and define eyebrows. It has heavier consistency as to prevent dripping. Brushes are same as mascara, some come with a comb applicator for even application. Choose a color that matches your hair color. It gives you a more natural look.

  • Mascara primer: Just like our foundation or eye primers, we also have a mascara primer to prepare our lashes to receive mascara. This gives our lashes a long-lasting effect, prevents smudge and clumping while saves usage of more product/mascara. Protects your lashes.


  •  Powder mascara: This is way different from dry and wet mascara, add a few drops of water into it and use it with a wand. It sets to give a false eyelash kind of finish.


  • Cream mascara: It provides volume to thin and sparse eyelashes while adding depth to the eyes, but can smudge easily.

So, these are the wide ranges of mascara available. Get what you love and rock!!

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