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Now I know there’s a real big confusion when it comes to buying the right products. Many of us are unaware of how to get what suits them and then we eventually end up buying wrong products and getting disappointed. In my Personal Grooming Sessions, we make sure that firstly you are able to analyze your skin type, skin shade and then we help you get the right tools and products for you and that’s how we are going to do in this blog too! Makeup does make you look great but most important part is that your products need to be compatible for you and your skin. Always consult a Makeup-Artist and attend these Personal Grooming Sessions to get personalized lessons for yourself.

  • Skin type – coming to your skin type, the best way to know what kind of skin you have is by firstly washing your face, then do not touch your face for a while at least half n hour, take a tissue and dab your face with it, specially on your T-zone. Normal skin neither shows oil or flaking skin, its smooth. oily skin is determined by the grease on the tissue. Dry skin will show flakes of dead skin and lastly combination skin, which is very common, shows grease on the T-zone and dry on the other areas of your face. So that’s how you’ll determine your skin type and accordingly get your face wash, moisturizer or any lotions for your face.
  • Foundations – when it comes to your foundations, firstly know what shade are you, what complexion are you, and you can check that by focusing on the area near you jaw line. Also, you need to know what is your undertone and you can do that by checking your veins inside your wrist. if they are blue, then you are cool undertone. if green, then you are warm undertone and if both then you are neutral undertone. Check foundation on your jaw line or forehead when you go to buy them and not on your hand. see if it blends with your skin and is not too fair or dark for you. same trick goes for loose powder/compact, whereas its okay if your loose powder/ compact is only one shade fairer to your skin tone.
  • Blush – choose a blush that will blend well with your skin tone and compliment it. don’t go for colors that make your cheeks look too artificial and streaky. choose a subtle one.

– Dark skin shades : variations in plums for cool undertones, burnt orange,     bronze for warm undertones.

– Medium skin tone : use apricot, coral or peach blushes.

– Fair & Cool skintypes : pink or rose and fair and warm skintype : beige or peach shades.

  • Eyes – All colours mostly go with indian skin shadesand eye colors where as for the detailed information;

– blue eyes : orange, to highlight go for shades of earth brown, gold, peach, pink color eyeshadow. Avoid colors like blue, green. try out a dark color ( blue, black, gray etc) on the outer corner of the eyes.

– green eyes : plum, purple, pink , mauve etc color eyeshadow. avoid blue. contrast it with dark color eyeliner.

– hazel brown eyes : colors from golden brown to gray-green, all the shades go well. Avoid halftone colors.

– brown- black eyes : Deep shades like dark gray, plum, brown, black, blue etc. Avoid pastel shades.

  • Lips – if you have large/big lips, you can wear any shades, dark as well as light. avoid excessively bright colors as they will make your big lips look more bigger. If you want your lips to be a bit defined and look a bit thinner, use same shade lip pencil to outline and then use your lipstick.
  • If you have small lips, using lighter colors give you volumising effect. dark colors make your lips look even smaller. although you can create a new lip line by using lip pencil, outside your natural lip line, but make sure you don’t overdo it or make it look unnatural and artificial.
  • I believe one can always wear all type of lip colors and try to experiment with lip colors and get what suits you the best.

So this was a brief knowledge on how to select the right products for your skin shade. Every skintone has its own beautiful shades and hues, so avoid trying to change your skin tone by using fairer or darker foundations. Also, don’t just go and buy products that are in trends, refer some reviews about it, analyze yourself  and only then buy or else it just stays back unused in your wardrobe. Pick and choose what works for you and your budget, this combination will save you money as well as round out your makeup collection!

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