The Blogger Life – Choosing Positivity 

Hello People💖

Today I am here to share my Blogging story and some Positivity out here! Blogging is something else for me, more like Happiness. It has always inspired me. Before i started writing my own blogs, i always had a habit to read blogs, articles that other people wrote and i still do this, and i love doing this so very much! Imagine you got the freedom to write share whatever you feel like and you come across like-minded people, people who feel just like you, and suddenly you no more feel alone! There were days when i used to think and think of starting with my own blog when on the other hand, i knew nothing about blogging, like i dint knew where to start from, what to write about, i had so many questions in my mind and when that happens we all get a bit negative and stressful and that’s what happened with me. I started to think what if someday i don’t know what more to blog about? what if people dint like what i wrote about? what if nobody appreciated what i shared and felt? ugh i was all messed up, But then there’s always a ray of hope. something reminded me that instead of thinking about this, i should start thinking about my blogs and that i should be positive! And like its said, No matter where you are, no matter how difficult things might appear to be, you are always being moved toward magnificence!! And with this simple thought, i filled myself with positivity! Of course i dint knew if i could be a successful blogger but that’s what you call faith, you dont need to see the whole staircase, all you have to do is take the first step, and that’s what i did. And this motivation is what keeps me going and thats how i started writing and sharing my perceptions utilizing this freedom. you know what’s the best part about starting to be positive? It’s that once you start with a single positive thought, you attract more and more positive thoughts and slowly, you feel all happy and motivated and trust me thats so so amazing kinda feeling!!

Something i learned from this was to be positive, no matter what situation you are in. Every situation has at least one thing to be positive about, try to find that one thing and slowly you come across more of it! When i posted my first blog, i dint knew what the reaction would be, what the response would be, but then gradually, there were people who appreciated what i wrote, who commented about how they loved the blogs and that’s when you know that you made a right decision, that you were on the right path. I have written around 31 blogs yet and i now have 43 people who are following my blogs, so many people who are viewing it and 200 likes on my blog already! Of course other people have a lot more than this but for me this was my great achievement! I never thought this was going to happen, and that i would get this acknowledgement but I did and there’s a lot more coming!! You definitely should keep positive expectations because what i have learned is that your thoughts will get you things, whatever you think and give your feelings to is what will be your reality. ” The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”- William James. So why not think positive and get what you want! You should always follow like-minded people, the positive people, they inspire you to do more and more good, to be more and more positive.

Planning things is the key. Plan your day before you got to bed, or first thing after waking up. I used to plan my blogs before i actually stared writing and posting them. That’s what successful people do, Planning!📝 Another more important thing to do is, Thinking good thoughts, Speaking good words, Taking good actions, doing this could get you more than you ever imagined!

We are all free to choose whatever we want, we have to power in our hand, so why not choose to Live the Life you love because if we live good life, the times are also good, why not do things that give you pure happiness because only you have got the tools to create your joy, and no one else. Why not choose to be kind and spread love and positivity and leave the rest to god. Remember, whatever you give out to the world, multiplies and comes back to you, so give more of what you want back. After sharing up this positive blog, I feel so much more positive, motivated and happy, you should try it too!!

May we all have more of Love, Power, Success & Happiness!!😇