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So it’s rightly said, there’s always a lipstick for your bad day And i just can’t imagine a life without lipsticks and i am so sure all you girls out there have mutual feelings isn’t it?! Everytime i am out for shopping i get so fascinated and mesmerized when i get into a makeup outlet and look at all those stunning lipsticks and i swear i just want to buy them all!! No matter how many lipsticks i own, I still want more and more😄 Kinda obsessed with lipsticks and no we do not need help, we just need more lipsticks right??!! So after trying out all these fascinating lipsticks I’d share few of my favorites with you!!

Look at that👆 And there’s still a lot more😅

  • So my first favorite is definitely Mac RUBY WOO which is bold and stunning red,another is PLEASE ME which is a nude kinda shade and blends wonderfully well with your skintone, then is IMPASSIONED which is a fuchsia kinda color and then is MYTH which is again a nude shade for your daily wear, and then is my super favorite LADY DANGER which is kinda tangerine in shade and makes you look like a total stunner!

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  • Colorbar kiss proof lip glosses are my favorite, they dry and turn super matte within 30 seconds and are long lasting and wonderful to use (i have a review done too incase you want to check).

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  • Maybelline color show matte is also amazing to use.

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  • Next best after Mac would definitely be Sugar cosmetics Vivid lipsticks, these are super smooth and looks kick ass because of it’s amazing colors! Definitely recommend!! (Current Favorite)

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  • Then comes Loreal color rich exclusive collection, variety of shades, matte and too good.

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  • Lipsticks from Lakme absolute sculpt matte are also great specially its coral collection!!

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  • Then comes Revlon colorburst lacquer balm, these pencils are also matte and great to use and also has stunning shades.

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So this was a list of my favorites which are also budget friendly and at the same time are wonderful, matte and long lasting too!! So what are you waiting for?! Go and grab yours and share your lip collection with me at  athakker62@gmail.com 💁 and i’d share them on my instagram at @thatwingedeyegirl

Just Have Fun, Smile And Keep Putting On Lipstick💄

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