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I know we are all super confused when it comes to our BB & CC creams as to which one should we go for and which one would work well for our skin and flaws and so I thought let’s talk about this and try to resolve the confusion that we all face and then i am sure you’d be quite clear and will be able to choose the right one for yourself! So, firstly let us know what are BB & CC creams;

Bb cream is a short for beauty balm/ blemish balm. It is all in one product to replace your primer, moisturizer and even foundation if you require a lighter coverage. It can also be worn with moisturizer and under powder, depending on desired coverage. The bad news is BB creams are a bit thicker than their tinted moisturizers, also finding a cream that perfectly matches your skin shade might be a task as bb creams come in smaller range of shades.

Best BB creams : Maybelline Newyork Dream Fresh BB sunscreen, Bobbi Brown BB cream, Clinique, Revlon, Lakme and Colorbar.

CC cream is short for colour correction/ complexion care. They are generally used to reduce skin redness or uneven skintone. It contains a skin-brightening primer, moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-ageing ingredients. CC cream is better for acne prone skin.

Difference Between Bb & Cc Creams:

While Bb and Cc creams are marketed for seperate issues and are theoretically different, most of them are same. Ofcourse their benefits and coverage vary from brand to brand. I would definitely not say that your BB or CC would work to replace your foundation because these are tinted moisturizers and as i said they do not have many shades as per skintones and they definitely do not give great coverage as your foundation would do. So your BB cream is great for light coverage and it camouflages scars and blemishes whereas CC creams have higher SPF than BB and hence it protects skin from ageing, uneven skintone and wrinkles.

Best Brands for CC creams: Loreal, Bourjois, lakme, maybelline, faces.

So this was the difference between CC & BB and their brands so hope you had a clear idea now and this was helpful!!

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