Hello Lovelies!!

So this was my first ‘Q’ & ‘A’ and Thank you so much for all your questions that you guys have mailed me and also thank you for having faith in me with your doubts and queries!! So there were some questions that were the same from 2-3 people so combining it all i have answered your set of questions so refer to your answers below!!

  • Q –  what is your best skin care tip?

A – Always have/maintain a skin care routine. pamper your skin while at home, with DIY masks and mixtures that you can find on the internet and there are so many available! My favourite is the mixture i always suggest i.e. honey+curd+lemon+turmeric and make a thick paste and use it for glowing and flawless skin. once in a while prefer doing your facials, clean-ups, de-tan any kinda treatments that your expert suggests to have and maintain a healthy skin and lastly drink lots of water so that your skin is never dehydrated.

  • Q – Best brands for lipsticks?

A – Lipsticks are mostly great in all the brands, though my favourites are from colorbar kiss proof lip stain, they have an amazing matte gloss collection. Also Mac lipsticks are my must haves, matte glosses from Anastasia beverlly hills and lipsticks from Sugar cosmetics.

  • Q – whick color suits what skin shade?

A – Although i believe that every color looks good with all skin shades you could just apply a little product if too bright or too dark,But yeah the shape of your lips do matter, brighter or darker shades make your lips look smaller rather than nude or lighter shades. though if u want to go through the skin shade lipstick chart, here you go

  • Q – Best lip care tip to heal cracked lips?

A – Apply lip balm often, specially when moving out of your house. other than that, while at home, apply castor oil or coconut oil to your lips. never try to peel the flaky skin.

  • Q – what inspires you to blog?

A – Well, i’ve always loved reading the blogs and one fine day while reading an article, something clicked me that i should also start writing and sharing my knowledge and perceptions with all you people and yeah so i started with it finally and with all your support and love happily completed 26 blogs and more to go!!

  • Q – whose your Favourite makeup guru?

A – My favorite makeup guru is Huda Khattan ❤️ She is so amazing!! Must check out her makeup tutorials they are wonderful!

  • Q – which is the best beauty brand according to you?

A – my favorite makeup brand is always Mac!! They have amazing range if products and are a great in quality too! Everyone loves Mac cosmetics!!

  • Q – Best care for hair according to you?

A – use good quality shampoo and conditioners if possible go for organic ones. Make sure you do not use lot of chemicals and heat products. Once in a while add baking soda to your shampoo and wash your hair with it. Conditioner should be used twice or thrice a week.

  • Q – what is one easy method for flawless skin?

A – always remove your makeup and go to bed. Wash your face with water thrice a day and specially when you come back home. Moisturize your skin well and drink lots of water.

  • Q – quick and gorgeous looking makeup routine for work?

A – starting with a clean face, apply a little if your primer. Use your Concealor for undereye coverage and blend it well and over that use your compact. A light shade blushon, single coat of mascara and your favorite eyeliner to your eyes. Add some color to your lips with your favorite lipstick and you are good to go to work!!

So your answers are here and i hope they are helpful to you!! I’d soon do another Q & A if you haven’t sent me your questions do it the next time!!😀

Till then,

Stay Beautiful✨