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Its Blog Monday and we talk about the most important topic and that is beauty hacks! yes yes I know that we are rushing most of the time and we definitely require some hacks and tricks to get our work done, in a short period of time and yet look like an absolute stunner. So, after searching up for a lot of beauty hacks, I’d share with you the most amazing and practically helpful ones that I’ve come across!

  • Your Five Minute Makeup Routine, yes you read it correct! now if you are someone like me who cannot do without makeup and yet have to manage your time then darlings this is going to be so helpful yet great. All you need is concealor, foundation, lipstick, cheek stain, mascara and brow filler. this much is going to be enough for you to get started with your day and this can also be your basic makeup routine.
  • use a dry shampoo if you’ve got no time to wash your hair! Out of dry shampoo? jus go with braids and you are ready to rock.
  • Apply your bronzer in a ‘3’ shape to get a quick contour.
  • If you’ve got no time to wait for your moisturizer  to settle, then blast your skin with a blow dryer on the cool setting.
  • Out of cheek blush? You could use your lipstick as your cheek stain as cream blush.
  • dry out your nails faster after the application of nail polish by soaking your hands in ice water
  • Fix foundation stains on your shirt with using a little bit of shaving cream.
  • Hit your eyelash curler with hair dryer to heat it up and give you curled lashes faster!
  • Layer foundation, concealor, and setting powder to ensure the blemish is completely covered and the product won’t budge.
  • Achieve a perfect wing eyeliner using a sticky tape or a stencil.
  • If you are out of liquid or gel eyeliner, use a small brush and borrow some mascara to get your liner done.
  • Make your eyes look bigger and wider by applying a white pencil over your waterline.
  • Dust some powder over your eyelash and then apply your mascara to give a plump to your lashes.
  • Get the smokey eye effect by drawing a hash tag on the outer corner of your eyelid and then blending it up.
  • Use white pencil as your eyebase and then apply your eye shadow over it to make it pop.
  • Mix a little peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost.
  • If you bought a foundation that’s too dark for you, add a little moisturizer to it for it to lighten up.
  • If you think a lip shade is too dark for you, add a drop of your skin foundation to make it a bit lighter (p.s. add more foundation if you want to make it more lighter)
  • Too lazy to wash your face with a cleanser? use wet wipes and they will clean up your makeup totally!
  • Mix your eyeshadow or a loose powder with petroleum jelly or lip balm to make your own lip color.
  • If you want your glossy lips to have a matte look jus dab some concealor before applying your gloss, it would make it matte and long lasting, you can also touch up the gloss with same or almost matching color shadow to make it matte.
  • Fix your pins with hair spray and then tuck them to keep your hair in place for long.
  • Add up some volume to your hair by teasing the roots of your hair and set them and tadaa! they look amazing!!
  • Tuck your pins vertically with the rubber band to give your pony tail a lift.
  • If you that you’ve got no time to wash your hair the next day, just add baby powder to your roots to soak up the excess oil that makes your hair look greasy and the powder also settles as you wake up the next day.
  • Always follow the natural shape of your brow while you define it and don’t over do it.
  • Keep your makeup remover near your bed so you aren’t lazy to get off your makeup well and also moisturize your skin after washing your face before bed.
  • Organize your makeup so that you get your stuff when in hurry.
  • Test your foundation on your forehead while you buy so that you get a right one.
  • Use brow mascara to conceal sparse areas.
  • Use your loose powder (translucent powder) for perfect matte finish.
  • Use a concealor to brighten your brow area.
  • You can use your BB cream instead of your liquid foundation to get an even tone.
  • If you have chapped lips, use a lip balm before you use your lipstick.
  • Blow drying your hair? do it at the end of your routine so it wont dry off till you leave.
  • To keep the lipstick off your teeth, just stick a finger in your mouth and pull it out, your finger will wipe away excess lipstick.
  • Switching from your office look to party look? just smudge your eyeliner turning it into a smokey eye look!

So these were some of the beauty hacks that i liked it and are really easy to do so lets give them a try and tell me your results!!😃

Stay Beautiful!!✨