Hello Lovelies!! 💖

So today we talk about seven must have products that are great to invest in and also are convenient to carry in your bag for your everyday makeup! Now i know we work and we are rushing all day so most of the times we do not get enough time to really sit and do our makeup as we got to hurry. I’ve been asked so many times as to what products are most convenient to achieve a great looking everyday makeup within no time and so i am up with these handful of products that i keep along with me in my bag which are easy to carry and use and hardly takes time! And these are the products i keep on investing in over and over again because why not? They are Amazing!! so lets go through them and i am sure you’re going to love them too! So the first product in my bag is;

L4735718     Price rs: 500/-

My shade concealor from Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Collection, which is very natural and light weight and doesn’t add layers to my skin and letting my skin breathe and look flawless! And i use this concealor to camouflage my dark circles along with nose and mouth corners as well, blending it evenly. Over that i use my compact/studio fix from Mac

macstudiofixfound_31 Price rs 1700/-

Mac products are everyone’s favorite, along with me! and this studio fix from Mac is definetly a must have . It not only gives you a matte and subtle look but gives you an even and natural looking skin and i absolutely love it and its worth it!

The next product is;whtpcbpdyeijt4JYWeNWw Price rs 500/-

so, i use this brow pencil in shade black from Inglot and its extremly good. it defines my brows perfect and precise and gives them a neat look and is a must have!

The next product is;

maybelline-fit-me-600-6 Price rs 400/-
I got shade 115 Light Peach, as you can see in the image they got lot of shades you could get as per preference, and i run the same blush over my eyes, using it as an eyeshadow as i want a basic look and thus i dont want to over do.

And the next product is;

Maybelline-New-Lasting-Drama-Gel-SDL935126413-1-93674 Price rs 500/-

Now This ones my favorite!! Its super smooth, dries up quickly and is waterproof and the best part is it dosent messes up like other liners generally do. It is long stay and just too good! just make sure you do not dry it up by leaving the top open for a long time, though it doesn’t dry up that fast and hence is a must have.

The next product from my bag is;

Lakme-Eyeconic Price rs 350/-

This one delivers perfect strokes every single time and gives an intense finish to my lashes. Has super precise curl brush, is easy to apply and remove and is light weight.

And the last product from my bag is Lipstick! Now when it comes to lipsticks, they are as per preference and choice. You can use whatever brands and shades you like!! I use Mac Lipsticks.

maxresdefault Price range differs

These are basic shades from Mac that you could own. They have amazing lip collections and are oh-so-good!! Even colorbar has a wonderful matte lip collection try them out and get what suits you!!

So this was The Basic Collection from my bag and i use these to achieve my natural/basic look, The everyday look, because ofcourse, no makeup look also requires makeup to create it!! 😉  So have fun with your Makeup Girls and Stay Beautiful✨

Image Credits : Google