A Beginners Guide To Makeup – Tips & Tricks 

Hello Lovelies!!🙋

So its Monday and i am up with an important blog to talk about! Tell me, are you a beginner to your makeup journey yet? Are you confused as to how to start doing your makeup and how to buy your essential products? Well, not anymore! Here are some tips and tricks that i am going to share with you which is going to be beneficial to you when you do your makeup or when you buy your makeup products. Firstly know that when you are new to your makeup you really do not have to learn everything all at once. At the start, only few essentials are required for your personal kit and as you grow to be confident with your makeup skills, you can add more to your kit. There are a few basic products that you are going to need, which will also be helpful to you while you start doing your advance makeup. The products are as follows;

  1. Face primer
  2. Liquid foundation
  3. Concealor
  4. Eye primer
  5. Neutral eye shadows
  6. Pencil eyeliner
  7. Mascara, kajal
  8. Blush
  9. Lipstick
  10. Compact / translucent powder

Also, there are few pointers that I’d want you to learn. The very first thing is ;

  • Complexion – You need to analyze your face and learn what are the flaws that needs to be camouflaged,  also what shade are you, because as per that you will have to select your foundation.
  • Primer – When it comes to your primer, there are so many brands that offer primers. Select a good one and use the one that suits you.
  • Foundations – Make sure you follow your exact skin tone while you select your foundation and not any shade lighter or darker to your skin, for an even coverage. Also, make sure you cover your neck and ears with the foundation so that they look even too!
  • Powder or Cream – Don’t get confused when it comes to selecting powder or cream, be it foundation or blush, select as per choice and preference.
  • Bronzer / contours – Find a right bronzer according to your skintone and always start with a little product, you can always add more! Contouring a little on your cheeks, forehead and nose, will help enhance your features.
  • Blush – Find shades that get along well with your skin and aren’t too bright for you, also as i said, start with a little product, you can always add more to it. Also, you can add a highlighter to your cheeks if you like!
  • Mascara & Kajal – Choose a good and long lasting one! Brands as per preference.
  • Brow Defining – Never forget to define your eyebrows, also make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Eyeliners – When it comes to your eyeliners, there are so many shapes that you can define your eyes with! Try and see what looks best on you and you can always be colorful with your eyeliners.
  • Eyeshadows – For beginners, all you need is neutral and natural look shadows, ones that are not too bright to make your eyes look over done. You can always play with eye colors once you are confident with your makeup skills!
  • Lipsticks / Glosses – Choose shades that go well with your skin tone and that which suits you!
  • Compact – Give a touch-up to your Base, using a compact or translucent powder. And You are ready to Rock!!

It’s always Important that you start with your personal makeup because nowadays it’s really necessary that you carry and groom yourself well and your makeup helps you feel flawless and confident enough while making you look pretty!! I also take up Sessions on Personal Grooming in which my girls learn to do their makeup and hair, the right way with right products and leave feeling all happy and confident!!

Will be up with the next blog on Wednesday!! Till then,

Stay Beautiful✨