How To Select The Right Makeup Tools – Guide To Makeup Brushes!!

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So it’s Wednesday and as i said I’ll be posting up Blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so yeah here we go!! Remember the time when you just bought a set of new brushes and how amazing, soft and clean they felt? Ha-Ha!! We makeup lovers absolutely relate to this don’t we?!

But then if you are someone who is new to these makeup tools how would you know which brush is exactly meant for what purpose? Well, let me help you find that here!! 

I came across this picture that exactly explains how these tools look and what are they called as and now let’s check out what they are used for;

  1. The Tapered Foundation Brush: used for blending the cream foundations. Start in the areas of the face that needs most coverage and use downward strokes for best results.
  2. Rounded Foundation Brush: best for blending your liquid foundations and gives you a flawless finish.
  3. Flat Concealor Brush: used for face contours (specially wen using a darker shade to contour) you can take up the product on one side of the brush and blend from the other side. Also can be used in under eye application of Concealor.
  4. Precision Concealor Brush: This one is small and precise. Used to conceal blemishes and to clean up lines after applying a bold lip color.
  5. Powder Brush: This one is round in shape and fluffy. Used for your compacts, studio fixes and translucent powders.
  6. Blush Brush: Used to apply cheek color. Smile to locate the apples of the cheek and use short strokes to dust powder out towards the hairline.
  7. Angled Brush: Great for the application of bronzer (contouring) also highlighter. Works precisely!
  8. Stippling Brush: used for lightest application of pigment for sheer finish. Also used to dust powder blush and for your cream blush too!
  9. Fan Brush: Used for gently sweeping on the highlighter or to also use it clean to sweep away excess product.

So These were your Face brushes and next we check out the Eye Brushes;

  1. The Lid Brush is to apply the first eyeshadow color on your eyes, and giving a shape to eyes.
  2. The Crease Brush is for the eye contour that we do using a darker color mostly.
  3. The Precision Brush is used to fill up the small areas of the eye that is the inner corner of the eye and also to fill up a color on your lower lash line.
  4. The Blending Brush is as the name mentions, for blending up the shadows on the eye altogether making it look even.
  5. The Slanted Liner Brush is for creating your winged eyeliners.
  6. The Shader Brush is used for smudging colors.
  7. The Brow Brush and Comb are for achieving your perfect eyebrows by aligning them in shape and then you can add your brow color to it hence making it look dark and precise.

So, This is small guide to your makeup brushes and if you are new to makeup and its tools then this is going to help you  get the right tool and also you’ll know which is to be used for what purpose so grab your tools and have fun with your makeup Lovelies!!

Stay Beautiful ✨