The Beauty Blogger Tag!!

 Hello You Amazing People!!💋

Firstly I would really want to Thank all you people out there who support and regularly read my blogs and appreciate them! It does mean alot to me because this is just the start and i cant tell you how grateful i feel to be nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by heatherwhite_lvThank you so much for the recognition!! 

So, I shall nominate few other blogger friends and if you are my nominees,make sure you know these rules;

  • Tag and show some love to the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer their 10 questions 
  • Nominate/ tag 10 beauty bloggers
  • Ask 10 questions that you want your nominees to answer 
  • Inform the bloggers about their nomination 

My nominations:

  1. makeupwithchris
  2. With All My Affection
  3. Derpypink
  4. Watchyourbeauty
  5. Kateandcosmetics
  6. BeautyandShe
  7. Taylor Dorothy
  8. Darly darly
  9. Gigi
  10. Meghangiffin

Here are the 10 questions that i have been asked:

  1. If you could travel back in time, what year would you go to? I’d go to paris in this year itself!!
  2. What is your favorite mascara (high end or drug store?) high end, anyday!!
  3. If you could have a closet full of one designer, who would it be? Sabyasachii Mukherji!!
  4. Where are you from? Mumbai, India
  5. What is your favorite perfume? Victoria secrets
  6. What inspires you to blog? The passion that i have for makeup and being a makeupartist, I really want to share everything that i learn or love with people around and help them in any way that i can!!
  7. What is your favorite part of the day? The time when i am busy working with my clients,doing their makeup!!
  8. Would you rather not be able to style your hair or not be able to wear your makeup? Not be able to style my hair, though i anyway love them all open!!
  9. What is that one beauty product you can’t live without? My Eyeliner!! Duh I can’t imagine doing without it!!
  10. If you could have three wishes, what would they be? Ummm firstly, I’d wanna be real successful at the work  i do i.e being a makeup artist! Secondly I’d want to have my desired body! 😄 Thirdly I’d want to earn in a way that I don’t have to think before spending any amount of money!!

And here are my questions:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What do you do professionally other than blogging?
  3. What would you otherwise be if you havnt been into beauty?
  4. What do you do first? Makeup or hair?
  5. Which one is your favorite lipstick?
  6. If you would want to share with thing with me what would that be?
  7. If you would have to give one suggestion to me what would that be?
  8. Your tip for a healthy skin?
  9. Products you absolutely love?
  10. One wish?

Congratulations to all nominees!! I hope you enjoyed this like i did!! Let’s connect!! 💁