Colorbar Product Review – Colorbar Nail Lacquer + Colorbar Kiss proof lip stain

Hello Lovelies!!

Being a Makeup Artist, I really find it hard to grab some time to do my nails and keep them up to the mark but that’s actually i love doing in my free time and trying out new colours is something I absolutely love doing. I have these pretty little things from Colorbar. Firstly, The Colorbar Nail Lacquer in shades, White ( No 37 ) Black ( No 76) Red ( No 46) Silver Glitter ( No 56)

So, These lovelies are a must have! They dry super quick and looks bright and glossy against my skin. The application brush is also quite nice. Though you need to apply two coats for that perfect colour. Also, there’s a huge range of bright as well as pastel colour options too. Also, The glitter ones aren’t thick and one of those that peel off and dosent dry soon. Its quite amazing as well. These nailpaints are travel friendly glass bottles. These are available at your Beauty stores and obviously at the Colorbar Outlets and You get them online too at Nykaa and many other sites as well. 

100% Recommended as it looks beautiful and glossy and looks freshly applied even on the third day.

Price : 175/-

Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain : 005 Shade.

Packaging : The outer box is a silver paper carton, like other lipsticks from colorbar. The Body and the Cap is silver with two see through windows and the applicator is long and sturdy at the same time picks up well enough product in one go and is quite functional.

While applying the lip stain its quite much like other liquid lipsticks but dries and turns matte within 10-15 seconds. If you have a little dry or chapped lips, try applying a lip balm prior to applying this lip stain. The shade is peach pink and very attractive and also has wide range of shades that are super stunning. This shade suits all types of skin tones as well. Just that it needs a touch up post meal.

Recommendations : I definitely suggest you these Lip Stains because it is super matte, long lasting, a good quantity and quality product.

Price : 900/-

Let me know If you want me to Blog about Something!!

Stay Beautiful✨


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