The Dressing Game

Hello My Beauties!!

All of us are pretty sure what looks best on us, perhaps that dress which looks absolutely gorgeous on us and makes us look confident. Dressing according to your Body Shape is probably the best you could do to make yourself look an absolute stunner! I have never been one of those girls with a real slim and pretty figure, I’ve always been a healthy one and let me tell you, I’ve always always loved my body though and i guess we all should do the same, own your body, love your body and do the best to highlight your features!

Dressing and Styling according to your Body Shape :


  •  Go for clothes that hug your curves and also learn to choose the right Fabrics such as silk crepe, crisp linen or stiff cottons, they  are really flattering.
  •  Know the best length of the skirt or the dress.
  • Three forth sleeves work pretty great and if you’re wearing sleeveless accessorize it with a scarf.
  •  Also colors like navy blue, purple, brown as well as black of course , gives a slimmer look.
  •  Choose a flattering neckline, `V’ necks, scoop necks are generally perfect, they make you look taller and slimmer, also flashing your collarbone is always classy!
  • Let spanx (corset) suck it in for you,  A well-made camisole can hold you in, define your waist, smooth out your silhouette and lift you in all the right places.
  • Don’t be afraid of selecting patterns, small polka dots work good rather than the big ones, also choose vertical stripes, they’ll make you look slimmer and taller. Small prints always work great and looks extraordinary.
  • Also, see that you don’t go Baggy, wearing bigger size clothes is not a good idea!
  • Pick a pretty jewellery, accessorize yourself in the right proportion. Do not over do it.
  • While with shoes, If you’re wearing flats, choose ones with pointy toes to elongate, and over dresses, go with peep-toe pumps or sandals in a nude color — they’ll make your legs look endless.
  • If you are choosing a party dress, go for A line dresses, they make you look slimmer.
  • Also wearing head to toe one color creates one line, therefore making you look slimmer.
  • Select a proper fit for your individual figure and proportion.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors as well.
  • Highlight your waist using broader belts.


  • If you are naturally slender, you can add curves to your frame with Peplum style Dresses and Tops.
  • Along with skinny jeans, bootleg jeans and trousers also looks great.
  • Fabrics with structure looks pretty as they give illusion of curve, also horizontal stripes are good to go and also clingy fabrics looks stunning.
  • Belts are the best accessory.
  •  Layer tops and accessorise with chunky scarves.

Every shape has its challenge when it comes to finding flattering clothes. But the perfect clothes are out there, so don’t give up hope! Remember that you are an absolute Stunner!

Stay Beautiful✨



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