Holi Beauty Hacks

Hello Pretty People!!

The Festival of colours is here and we all Love Holi isn’t it?!  So make sure that you use colours and not Water because this time we all need to save water so guys let’s just make sure that we do not watse water and save it and make it a Happy Holi!!

Lets make sure that you take care of your Skin and Hair too!! 

  • Firstly it’s necessary that you oil your hair at least 20-25 minutes prior.
  • Secondly using Moisturizer or Sunscreen over your body, face and also cover your ears and behind the ear lobes.
  • Wearing darker coloured clothes should be preferred that covers maximum of your body also preferably cotton clothes. Remember the more you cover your body with clothes the higher are the chances to save your skin from colour harm.
  • When it comes to your nails, to avoid all that colour sticking in the corners of your nails, its better to apply a nailpolish which gives you a protective coat.
  • Applying a Lip balm shall help your lips be protected.
  • Also, if you get any kind of skin irritation post holi due to colours, use aloe vera gel or rose water, it would help as soothing agent.
  • If at all you have acne on your face, do not scrub your face past Holi, Use a paste of raw milk and besan and gently get the colour off of your face.
  • After bath, use a body lotion generously.

Have a wonderful Holi and remember to Save Water!!


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