Your Makeup Essentials

Hello Lovelies!!

The next thing that we talk about is your makeup kit and all that is essential for that dainty little vanity of yours. I wouldn’t really want you to make a decked up vanity with a lot of makeup because it makes no sense and for your personal grooming, you ain’t going to need all that much. So we start with the essentials

  • First thing you are going to keep is Moisturizer, Primer
  • Some wet as well as dry tissues
  • Your skintone Foundation
  • Loose powder / Compact as per skin tone
  • Some pink, peach and brown blush for your cheeks
  • Eyebrow definition palette
  • Your eyeliner, Mascara, kajal pencil and other color pencils as per choice
  • Your Lipbalm, Lipsticks and glosses as per choice
  • Few of your Brushes , a sponge
  • An eyeshadow palette ( with basic colors)

And that’s it!!

This is all that you require for your personal kit and you are all set to start your makeup and get dolled up looking all pretty and give your best shot wherever you go!!

Always remember we all have magic inside us we just need to show it to the world!!

Stay Beautiful✨


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